10 Best Fishing Hats + Buying Guide [2022 Update]

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Fishing is the best way of connecting with nature. That time that you will spend trying to catch fish will give you an escape from the harsh reality of life.

However, you need to be aware of your safety and comfort to have the best fishing experience. The important thing that you will need to do is to purchase the ideal fishing hat.

Quick Summary – Best Fishing Hat

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Fishing Hat Buying Guide
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Here is your complete fishing hat buyer’s guide.

Why You Need a Fishing Hat?

  • You will expose yourself to the elements when you go fishing. Although you can chart the weather, it is always wise to carry a fishing hat with you. A good fishing hat while keeping you warm during the cold while protecting your from UV rays when it gets too hot.
  • Another great use of a fishing hat during your fishing trip is to complement your look. Looking good is always essential even if you are going out on an adventure. A great look will allow you to enjoy the fishing trip more, especially if you have company.
  • Fishing hats will also provide you with additional storage space. You can use the additional storage space to store your hooks, flies, licenses, and paperwork. All that you will need to do is to look for fishing hats that include pockets.

Fishing in the Sun

The first thing that you need to take seriously as an angler is protection from the sun. You would not want to ruin your fishing trip just because you do not have a fishing hat to protect you from the sun. When looking for a hat that will be handy in the sun, you will need to look at the following elements.

  • Fishing hats with the right color weight stretch and fabric weave offer more protection from the sun than other options.
  • You should also factor in the ultraviolet protection factor when looking for a fishing hat that will protect you from the sun. A fishing hat that has a UFP rating of 15-25 is good enough. However, the best option for you is a fishing hat with a UFP rating of 40-50 and higher.
  • Another element that plays a huge role is coverage. The idea is to purchase a fishing hat that will cover as much skin as possible. A wider brim covering the back of your neck and ears offers more protection than a narrow brim.
  • It is better to look for a fishing hat that allows adequate air circulation to cushion your head from overheating and sweating.

Fishing in the Rain

As a dedicated angler, you should not let sudden weather changes to deter you. Therefore, you need to purchase a fishing hat that will allow you to catch the biggest fish, even in the rain. When looking for the best fishing hat during the rain, you should be mindful of the following.

  • Wearing a rain jacket is always a good idea. However, the rain jacket will not cover your head adequately. Thus, you need to purchase a water-resistant fishing hat to keep your head dry.
  • The ideal fishing hat should not limit your visibility. Therefore, make sure you have a snug fit.
  • Purchasing a fishing hat with a chinstrap is wise since it will protect the hat from being blown away.

Choosing the Best Color

When it comes to the color of fishing hats, it is essential to think about your preferences and functionality. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the color of a fishing hat.

  • To begin with, go with a neutral color since it will blend seamlessly with any outfit.
  • Earth tone colors are the best bet for you when wading and bank fishing. Trout can spot lively colors like red, yellow, and pink from 12 feet away.
  • A fishing hat with a darker under brim will improve the visibility of the water.

Keeping Cool

You will need to keep cool during the hot days. The best way of doing that is by purchasing a fishing hat that will allow you to do that. The ideal fishing hat to keep you cool should have the following features.

  • Look for a hat that has a wide brim to keep cool during the hot days. A fishing hat with a wide brim will also protect your ears and neck from sunburns.
  • Fishing hats that retain water will also come in handy during the hot days.
  • Remember to purchase a fishing hat with a UFP rating of more than 50 to protect yourself from ultraviolet radiation.
  • Look for a fishing hat that has adequate ventilation.

Keep You Warm

Apart from keeping anglers safe from dangerous ultraviolet radiations, a good fishing hat should also be handy during the cold. Look for the following properties while looking for a fishing hat that will keep you warm during the cold.

  • Purchase a fishing hat that has two layers to protect you from the cold and the humidity.
  • Look for a fishing hat that will allow your skin to breathe.
  • The ideal fishing hat for the cold should have a protective neck cape and earflaps to keep you warm.

Bug Protection

Insects surround most water. Therefore, you need to protect yourself from the bugs. Although a bug spray will get the job done, it is better to purchase a fishing hat to protect you from the bugs.

Different Types of Fishing Hats

While evaluating different, you will realize that there are a variety of options to choose from. Fishing hats differ due to the coverage and protection each hat offers. Learn more about different types of fishing hats here.

The Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are the go-to option for several anglers since they offer better sun protection. The brim of these hats is decent enough to protect anglers from UV radiations without hindering vision. However, these types of hats have a bland look.

Daiwa Bucket Hat

Wide Brim

These types of fishing hats have wide brims. Wide brim fishing hats have a sun protection factor of 5. The only downside of these kinds of fishing hats is that the wide brim flaps in moderate winds.

Shimano Wide Brim Hat

Baseball Cap

Although baseball-style fishing hats offer protection for the top of the head, they leave the other parts of the face exposed.

Bass Pro Shops Baseball Cap

Safari Hat

Safari fishing hats offer reliable protection from the sun and keep the head ventilated. They are also lightweight and quick to dry.

Safari Hat

Best 10 Fishing Hats

1. Columbia Sportswear Bora Bora Boonie II Sun Hat

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Columbia has grown in popularity among anglers and the fishing industry as a whole in recent years to become one of the most popular companies in the business. Outdoor enthusiasts have come to trust and respect the brand for their ability to produce gear, clothing, and a range of accessories that are of great quality and priced at a reasonable rate that most people can afford. 

The Columbia Sportswear Bora Bora Boonie II Sun Hat is a solid choice for my No. 1 overall pick. This hat can be worn by men or women, as well as kids to help protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays, as well as to keep the heat from bearing down on your head and neck while you’re fishing. 

What I Like About It

This hat is scientifically designed to block out up to 98% of the sun’s UV rays, making it extremely effective at keeping you cool and protected. It also comes in 12 different color options that allows users to select the one that’s just right for their own particular tastes. The hat also features a specialized Omni Wick sweatband that is capable of wicking away sweat so that you stay dry and cool while fishing. 

The Bora Bora Boonie II also offers a section along the crown of the head, where heat is known to escape more heavily, that is made of mesh material, which allows your head to breathe and stay cool on especially hot days. If it does happen to get wet from sweat or water, the hat is made of a specialized quick-dry fabric that allows it to dry out much faster than other materials. 


  • Lots of color options.
  • Sweat wicking sweatband design.
  • Quick-dry fabric.


  • Higher price tag but is certainly worth the money.

2. Camo Coll Outdoor Sun Cap Boonie Hat

Bestseller No. 1

For anglers who are looking to get their hands on a hat that looks, feels and performs much like a premium-quality option without the hefty price tag, the Camo Coll Outdoor Sun Cap Boonie Hat is going to be an excellent choice. This hat offers much of the same great features that other models on my list are made with, but is available for a lower price that’s more reasonable for beginner and novice anglers to afford. 

What I Like About It

The Camo Coll brand is one that’s known for making outdoor apparel that is highly capable of performing much to the same level that some of the top brands in the industry are able to achieve. The hat is made of a cotton and polyester material that is especially lightweight and is capable of allowing heat to escape through the mesh material slits around the crown of the head. The material has quick-dry ability if it gets wet and will not remain moist for very long if you do happen to drop it in the water. 

The Camo Coll Outdoor Sun Cap Boonie Hat shares a lot of the same look and fit that the Columbia style offers, but is made of a slightly lesser quality material that is a bit heavier than the Columbia Bora Bora Boonie II. You’ll have the option to select from one of 12 different color choices to get the style of hat you want for a more affordable price.


  • Plenty of color options to suit your personal preferences.
  • Affordable price tag for a quality hat.


  • Heavier and low quality material than its big brother.

3. Deal Stock Fishing Cap with Ear and Neck Flaps

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One of the most prevalent styles of hats in the fishing industry in recent decades has been styles that offer neck or ear flaps that can easily be folded down when the sun starts to beat down on your neck and face. Thanks to recent scientific evidence that the sun’s UV rays can cause significant damage over time, anglers have begun taking extra precaution to protect certain areas of their body to avoid developing deadly skin cancer. 

What I Like About It

Among the top choices of hats that offer these ear and neck flaps is the Deal Stock Fishing Cap with Ear and Neck Flaps. This hat model is priced at a level that most anglers can afford. The hat is crafted from a blend of cotton and polyester material and is developed to be much more protective than stylish as it delivers ample coverage of the user’s head, face, ears, and neck area. 


  • Very affordable price range.
  • Ear and neck flaps for improved sun protection.


  • Cotton blend material is heavier than other synthetic material options.

4. DDYOUTDOOR Summer Outdoor Sun Protection Fishing Hat

When it comes to anglers who are especially fair-skinned, using sunblock lotion alone is often not sufficient enough to protect you from the sun’s harmful and dangerous UV rays. In many cases, anglers with fair skin are advised by dermatologists to take extra precautions and measures to block out even more of the sun’s rays as best they can. This usually means wearing a hat that helps to cover areas of the head and neck that are typically exposed more than other areas. 

What I Like About It

The DDYOUTDOOR Summer Outdoor Sun Protection Fishing Hat is arguably the best hat on my list for anglers who are highly concerned with blocking out as much of the sun’s UV rays as they can and protecting their skin to the best of their ability while they’re on the water. This hat features a wide brim, as well as a neck and ear flap that’s much longer and a bit thicker than other brands and styles. In addition to this, the hat also offers a retractable face shield that covers everything except the angler’s skin just around the eyes. 

This hat is made of 100% nylon material and is exceptionally lightweight. It also offers quick-dry capability to ensure that your hat won’t remain wet for extended periods of time if it does happen to get soaked for any reason. The hat comes in 5 different color style options and is arguably the best model on my list. 


  • Available in many different color options.
  • Lightweight and quick dry due to nylon material.
  • Wide brim with neck and ear flap, as well as a retractable face shield, for greater sun protection.


  • The wide brim has a lot of wind resistance and can be a problem if you are travelling at speed.

5. LETHMIK Sun Fishing Hat

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Sometimes it’s important to go after a hat that is more durable than anything else as you’re likely going to spend countless hours out in the hot sun, as well as pouring rain if you happen to be an avid angler. It’s hard to find a hat on the market today that’s designed to give you the same protective quality, affordable price, and rugged toughness that many anglers look for. 

What I Like About It

The LETHMIK Sun Fishing Hat is one of the best options for users who want a hat that’s made of highly durable material that will still block out much of the sun’s rays and provide sweat wicking ability that is absolutely essential for staying cool on sweltering-hot days. 

This hat is made of 100% polyester material, which is made to be capable of repelling water and staying relatively dry in moderate to light rainfall. The hat is also much more lightweight than cotton blended material and allows users to stay cooler under intense heat thanks to the fact that it can wick away sweat quickly and effectively.


  • Lighter than a cotton-blend alternative material.
  • Extremely tough design that will handle a stray fishing hook or wandering fish spine.


  • Not available in many colors or styles.

6. Solaris Outdoor Fishing Hat 

Bestseller No. 1

When it comes to outdoor apparel and hats that are perfect for activities like fishing, the Solaris brand is highly popular — even among some of the most well-known, premium companies in the fishing industry today. The Solaris Outdoor Fishing Hat is a hat that many anglers could make a strong case for being closer to the top of my list. It offers much of the high quality you’re usually looking for in a fishing hat, as well as a very wide ear and neck covering that is more than capable of blocking out the sun’s harmful UV rays. 

What I Like About It

The hat is made of a breathable mesh-like material that’s billed to be 100 SPF/ UPF 50 and capable of blocking out more than 97% of the sun’s rays. It’s very lightweight and offers much of the same quick-drying ability that anglers look for in a hat that offers this much cover for their head and neck. 

This particular hat is an outstanding choice for anglers who do a great deal of offshore fishing as there is often no refuge from the sweltering heat of the sun. Anglers will appreciate the moisture-wicking headband portion, as well as the fact that the Solaris Outdoor Fishing hat’s ability to float if you do happen to drop it into the water. 


  • Very lightweight design.
  • Moisture wicking headband design.
  • Very wide neck and ear covering.


  • The wind can catch if very easily if you are travelling in your boat at speed. Good thing it floats in water if it blows overboard.

7. VSun Blocker Fishing Cap With Neck Flap

ON SALE $10.01 OFFBestseller No. 1

Many anglers are not quite as worried about their face or ears taking a significant beating from the sun’s harmful rays, but they are still worried about their neck receiving too much sunlight and developing painful sunburn or even skin cancer, which can prove to be deadly in some cases. 

What I Like About It

The VSun Blocker Fishing Cap With Neck Flap is an excellent choice of fishing hat for anglers who just want to make sure their neck is covered without choosing a hat that’s too heavy or will block out much of the cool ocean breeze that might blow from time to time. 

This hat is made to be worn by both men and women, and offers 50+ UPF protection thanks to its lightweight polyester mesh material’s ability to block out harmful rays. 


  • I am a big fan of neck flaps – I have gotten burnt too many times in the past.
  • UPF50+ protection.
  • Lightweight design.


  • Fairly basic style and colors available.

8. iColor Sun Caps Flap Hat

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Sometimes, anglers focus too much on the aesthetics of their fishing hat instead of its ability to protect them from dangerous UV rays or keep them cool. Seasoned anglers who have been fishing for many years are often less interested in what a hat looks like and want to get a hat that will adequately cover their exposed skin areas effectively so they don’t have to worry about harmful damage that can sometimes be permanent. 

What I Like About It

The iColor Sun Caps Flap Hat might be one of the least attractive models among my list, but it is highly effective when it comes to keeping the sun off your neck and face while also making sure to let in some of the subtle breezes that also effectively maintain your cool. 

The head and neck flaps on the iColor Sun Cap are removable and one can easily manipulate the hat to look much like your average ‘ball cap’ style hat that many anglers prefer to wear on the water. The hat is made of a blend of 80/20 polyester and cotton material which is more than capable of keeping you dry and cool while you’re focused on catching fish. 


  • The flap protects your neck from the risk of sun burn.
  • The neck flaps can be removed to make it more versatile depending on the time of day and weather conditions.


  • Probably the least attractive style for any fishing hat if you care about that sort of thing.

9. Camo Coll Outdoor Anti-Mosquito Mask Fishing Hat

ON SALE $5.64 OFFBestseller No. 1

We’ve extensively covered many of the best models of fishing hats on the market today that are geared mostly toward blocking out the sun’s harmful rays, but anglers are also heavily concerned with keeping their skin free from insect bites as well. The Camo Coll Outdoor Anti-Mosquito Mask Fishing Hat is an excellent option for those who are concerned with mosquitos or other insects who can really ruin a fishing trip in a short amount of time if unchecked. 

What I Like About It

This hat is made of 100% polyester that offers the same basic ability to block out the sun’s harmful rays as it’s capable of providing UPF 50+ protection. The thin mesh netting material is able to lock out mosquitos and prevent anglers from having to spend much of their time on the water swatting at bugs around their face. 

The Camo Coll Outdoor Anti-Mosquito Mask Fishing Hat also offers moisture wicking ability that helps keep your head cool and dry, which also cuts down on the amount of insects you’re likely to be dealing with on the water. 


  • Specially designed to help stop mosquitos and other insects – this is particularly useful if you are fishing somewhere like the Florida swamps.
  • UPF50+ sun protection will keep you safe from burns.


  • Not the most fashionable design if you are worried about style.

10. KOOLSOLY Fishing Hat

ON SALE $5.00 OFFBestseller No. 1

One hat that combines much of the overall features and capabilities that we’ve mentioned in this article is the KOOLSOLY Fishing Hat, Sun Cap. This model provides a 360-degree approach to protecting anglers on the water as it is highly capable of protecting your face and neck, as well as every other part of your upper chest and head area. 

What I Like About It

This hat is highly adjustable and offers much of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ model that most anglers can manipulate into fitting their head in a way that’s comfortable. It is available in 8 different color options, which lets you choose the one that you prefer, as well as the ability to fully remove the face and neck covering flaps so that the hat looks very much like a normal fishing hat. 

The KOOLSOLY Fishing Hat is made with 100% polyester material and provides the same level of quick-dry capability that most anglers look for in a solid fishing hat. The hat is made of fabric material that is mostly water-resistant and able to provide as much protection from rain as it is able to stop sunlight rays from beaming through. 

One of the only downsides about this particular fishing hat is the fact that it’s a bit more expensive than others on my list. However, if you’re more concerned with having a more encompassing amount of protection for your head, face and neck area, this is likely to be an excellent option for you. 


  • Highly adjustable one-size-fits-all design.
  • 360 degree sun protection.
  • Quick dry capability with 100% polyester material.


  • One of the more expensive options I’ve tested.


That brings us to the end of this article. I’m sure you thought buying a fishing hat was a simple concept, and I hope you have gained some new insights into the decision.

If you are looking for some more information then there are other guides available online.

If you have your own thoughts to share with your readers then please leave a comment below.

Happy fishing!

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