7 Best Fishing Line for Walleye + Buying Guide

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Catching walleye can be pretty difficult. They are smart fish that just do not want to get caught. This is why it’s usually left to professionals to try and catch these elusive fish. However, no matter how experienced you are, you will still require the proper gear and equipment to give you the best chance of getting the catch of the day. And, of course, this also includes the fishing line. 

When fishing for walleye, you will need the correct bait, a good-quality rod, a good reel set up, and a top-quality line. Without a top fishing line, the remainder of your fishing gear becomes somewhat redundant. That is why it’s essential that you find a fishing line to suit walleye fishing. 

When choosing a fishing line, you need to consider a few factors. Firstly, whether you’re jigging, trolling, or spinning determines the type of line you need. Additionally, your rod and reel setup is also critically important when deciding what line to purchase. For instance, a trolling setup would be best matched with a mono line but carries too much strength for jigging or spinning in deeper waters.

To help you find the right fishing line for walleye fishing, I have done my own spot of fishing and caught 7 of the best lines for walleye on the market today. I have included the pros and cons of each line so you can make a balanced decision on which one suits you best.

7 Best Fishing Line for Walleye

1. KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line

KastKing Superpower Braided Fishing Line,Moss Green,30 LB,327 Yds

My number one choice on the list today is this KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing line. For walleye fishing, in particular, I found that this has everything you need. This line has a smaller diameter than most of its competitors meaning you can spool more line onto the reel with ease. 

Upon picking this fishing line up, I was very impressed by how easy it was to tie a solid or clinch knot. This was down to the beautiful and dynamic design of the incorporated strands. Furthermore, this gear has super-high sensitivity with low memory. Combined with no stretch, this has superior hook settings than ever before and results in fewer chances of wind knots. 

If you’re looking for a line that gives you a better chance of catching some big walleye, then the KastKing SuperPower Braided line is one to consider. Its abrasion resistance means you will always stand a better chance of getting the catch of a lifetime.


  • Easy to tie knots – Dynamic incorporated strands makes it easier to tie all kinds of knots
  • Durable – Built with abrasion resistance for long-lasting use
  • Can spool more line onto the reel – Designed with smaller diameters than most competitors for ease-of-use


  • Difficult to make long casts at first – When you first spool up with this line, you may find its casting distance a little frustrating and disappointing 

2. BERKLEY Trilene XT

Berkley Trilene XT Filler 0.014-Inch Diameter Fishing Liner, 10-Pound Test, 300-Yard Spool, Clear

If you’re in the market for a top-quality mono-filament line, then this example from Berkley could be just the ticket. The Trilene XT is a classic example of a mono mainline and I would recommend it to any angler looking to catch walleye. Ask many predator anglers across the world and they will agree that Berkley’s Trilene XT is one of the most reliable. 

Whether you’re trolling or using slip bobber rigs, this mono-line is ideal in both shallow and deep waters. When trolling, I have found that this line provides the perfect amount of stretch. It offers just enough to make a small bite into a hook-up. However, it doesn’t stretch too much. Therefore, your crankbaits or live baits can maintain their natural actions in the water and give you a better chance of a catch.

If you’re fishing with lively baitfish, I have found that a mono-line such as this one is best. This is because it’s slightly stiffer than braid lines so the baitfish do not get tangled when casting out or in the water. Moreover, this line glides through the slip bobbers effortlessly and smoothly meaning your bait will reach the desired and best depths in a shorter amount of time. 


  • Very strong line – Can withstand larger fish very well
  • Very durable – This line is built to last for many years, even under some extreme conditions 
  • High abrasion resistance – This fishing line is suitable for fishing over sharp snags or heavily covered areas


  • Somewhat difficult to spool onto the reel – This line doesn’t always align perfectly but this can be rectified by placing the spool into warm water before spooling it onto the reel

3. SpiderWire Stealth Superline Fishing Line

Spiderwire SCSM80G-200 Stealth Smooth, Moss Green, 200 yd

This is a line I have personally used in the past and I couldn’t recommend it enough! For vertical jigging, this SpiderWire Stealth Superline fishing line is one of the best on the market. The entire line is very lightweight and has a compact design. This allows the line to sink at a faster rate and means it’s suitable for a variety of fishing techniques. 

The SpiderWeb Stealth Superline fishing line maintains its durability in different conditions. It offers a smooth and ultra-quiet performance which is very useful when tackling large, angry walleye. Its thin diameter and light design means it is virtually invisible and untraceable in the majority of water conditions such as blue water lakes. 

This line shoots through guides quickly and easily thanks to fluoropolymer-treated microfibers. The attention to detail in its design is awe-inspiring. Its features continue to impress with color-lock coating technology which improves the casting distance and the line’s overall durability. This SpiderWire fishing line is bound to cast a spell on your walleye catches. 


  • Shoots through guides very quickly – Effortless casting and shooting allows for an easy and enjoyable fishing experience 
  • Very light and slim – Designed perfectly for vertical jigging techniques
  • Long casting distance – Seamlessly casts a long way and remains durable in many water conditions


  • Color fades quite quickly – Although durable, the colorful design will soon wear off leaving the line looking a little old and worn

4. Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line

POWER PRO Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line, Moss Green, 300YD/50LB

One of the most well-known braids on the market is the Power Pro Spectra. For years, this line has been relied upon, trusted, and fished by countless anglers in North America and over the world. If you’re looking to improve your jigging and spinning, then this is a great place to start. 

If you regularly fish in shallower water, then the Power Pro Spectra is best suited to you. Its shorter casting distances are not ideal for deeper areas but are ideal for coastal fishing. I have personally used the Power Pro for jigging and drop-shotting and I found it to be nigh-on perfect in shallow locations. 

This fishing line is highly sensitive allowing you to detect even the smallest and lightest of bites. If your walleye catch rate is not up to your standards, this Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided fishing line is bound to help you increase your hook-ups, even when the walleye are being extra picky and careful. 


  • Affordable – Compared to many of its competitors, this is a cheaper model but still offers everything you need for a quality fishing line 
  • Ideal for shallow water – Perfect for anglers to stay close to the shoreline on most occasions
  • High sensitivity – Easy to detect even the slightest bite from walleye so you have a better chance of a catch


  • Short casting distance – Can not cast to deeper waters very well
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5. Piscifun Onyx Braided Fishing Line

Piscifun Onyx Braided Fishing Line Advanced Superline Braid Lines 300Yd 20lb Green

World-class. Reliable. A favorite of thousands of anglers worldwide. The Piscifun Onyx Braided fishing line is unique. Unlike many other fishing lines, you do not need to spend time breaking in this model. The line is soft and smooth from the very beginning and, when you combine this with its petite build, it makes for a top-quality long cast every time. 

This fishing line from Piscifun is designed with durability in mind. It has adequate abrasion resistance qualities due to the new epoxy coating technology applied to the surface. This helps it hold up extremely well against larger fish like walleye and harsh conditions. 

The Onyx braided fishing line gives minimal stretch. This provides an exceptionally low memory but with high sensitivity. But, the features that blew me away most were the consistent smoothness it offers. This allows you to cut through the water a lot faster and give you a better chance of finally catching walleye. If you’re looking for a dependable fishing line that is great for long casting, the Piscifun Onyx Braided model may be perfect for you. 


  • Provides low memory as well as high sensitivity – This line gives minimal stretch for a consistently round and smooth cast every time
  • Cuts the water very quickly – Gives you a better chance of catching some big walleye thanks to its smoothness across the water
  • Small profile – Helps to enhance the knot strength and improves the all-round casting capabilities 


  • A little difficult to spool on a spinning wheel – The groove of the line has been known to catch the line making for a frustrating time when spooling 

6. P-Line TCB 8 Carrier 150-Yard Braided Fishing Line

P-Line TCB 8 Carrier 150-Yard Braided Fishing Line, Green, 30-Pound

If you have a lighter jig, you may find that the P-Line TCB 8 Carrier is ideal for you. It is currently one of the most popular braided fishing lines on the market for lighter jigs and after using it, I’d have to agree that it is exceptional. 

As with most braided line options on the list today, this model delivers almost no stretches resulting in low memory, a strong knot strength, and relatively high visibility. Together, these help this fishing line become one of the most sought-after by anglers on the market. 

This P-Line braided line is made with an ultra-smooth Teflon finish which translates to pretty much no sound through the guides. Furthermore, it has a better castability than the majority of other brands. If you want a very quiet line that casts great distances, the P-Line TCB 8 Carrier Braided fishing line is waiting for you. 


  • Virtually silent – Makes hardly any noise through the guides and gives a smooth castability resulting in a better chance of a hook-up
  • Low memory – This line has hardly any stretch as you cast making it ideal for walleye fishing
  • Abrasion-resistant – A durable line that should last many years thanks to its DuPont’s Teflon surface protector


  • Little more costly than others – You may have to spend a little more on this line than some other models but it is still affordable 

7. Sufix Elite

Sufix Elite 6 lb Fishing Line (Clear, Size- 330 YD Spool)

Last but not least is this excellent mono-filament line that is ideal for lures or lightweight bait. When paired with light jigs or crankbaits, the Sufix Elite works like a dream. And, as with most mono-lines, this line is perfect for walleye jigging, especially if the water is less than 20 feet deep.

Compared to braided lines, the Sufix Elite is not as visible. It is also superior to braided lines when it comes to casting, especially when using lightweight bait. The Elite also offers a fair deal of stretch as well but this isn’t as noticeable or needed in shallower water. You can even use this line for spinning if needed too. 

I am a big fan of the features this line possesses. It has Advanced G2 Precision Winding which allows for stronger knots that tie just as tightly every time as if they were brand new. Another fantastic feature is the Sufix  J7 Micro Resin formula. This provides a perfect balance between strength and durability which is quite rare in such a lightweight line. This also improves the handling and casting of the line. 


  • Little tangling – This line is designed in a way so that tangling is not an issue as it so often is with other brands
  • Durable and strong – Long-lasting fishing line than can withstand heavy, large fish and harsh water conditions
  • High sensitivity – Even the lightest bite is felt with this so you stand a better chance of hooking walleye and reeling it in 


  • The line is very visible – The color of this line is not optimized to fool fish making it a little harder to lure them 

Walleye Fishing Line Buyer’s Guide 

Before you commit to buying a new fishing line for walleye, there are some factors you need to consider first.

Below are some things you need to understand to ensure you choose the right fishing line for your needs.

Types of fishing line 

There are three types of fishing lines to choose from. These are:

You need to consider which one suits your style of fishing and technique best.

Braid fishing lines provide a low stretch compared to mono-lines. Also, the diameter of a braided line tends to be half the size of a mono model even with the same breaking strain. This type of fishing line is ideal for single hooks as it adds a little more life to the lures due to some twitching at the rod tip.

Therefore, this tends to attract the walleye. Overall, a braided line is best suited to jigs and other similar lures. However, this line is generally too visible when underwater and is best paired with a monofilament or fluorocarbon leader. 

A mono fishing line is best suited to large lures and due to its floating capabilities, it’s very good for topwater. You’ll just need to strike with a little more force when setting the hooks. 

Fluorocarbon fishing lines are pleasingly translucent. They also provide improved abrasion resistance than the mono-lines. If you want to get your lure as deep as possible, a fluorocarbon line is ideal as it tends to sink better than mono and braid lines. 

Pound test 

You need to determine the strength of a fishing line to ensure it is capable of what you require of it. This strength is discovered through the pound test. However, the results differ depending on the type of line you choose.

For instance, a braided fishing line should score between 8 and 10 pounds on the test while a monofilament line should be between 6 and 8 pounds. If you’re using a fluorocarbon fishing line, the ideal weight should be between 10 and 12 pounds. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What type of fishing line is best for walleye?

This depends on your intended method of fishing. For lures and jigs, a braided fishing line is certainly the best option. Monofilament lines are best for trolling and fishing with live bait that is on a slip bobber rig. 

While the difference between the types of fishing lines is quite small, it is very important to consider. If you use the wrong kind of line, you may lose a lot of fish and miss out on many catches. 

Braided fishing is the best choice when using lures and jigs. Braid does not stretch resulting in more sensitive bite detection and lure feeling every time. For walleye fishing, this is very important as these fish are renowned for being very sensitive. 

A mono fishing line is best for live bait rigs on a slip bobber and trolling. Mono does not stretch like braid lines but, for trolling, this is exactly what you need. Mono-lines also provide your live baitfish or trolled crankbaits with a more natural appearance helping you lure more fish. 
Mono-lines tend to be more forgiving than braided lines, especially when you’re dealing with aggressive, quick fish. Therefore, a mono-line gives you a better chance of setting the hook. 

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