7 Best Ice Fishing Boots + Buying Guide [2022 Update]

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Any experienced ice fisher will know that the first thing to get cold when you’re stood out in the freezing cold weather will be your feet. Any inexperienced ice fisher will know that they wish they had better boots on their first trip.

Luckily cold weather boots continuously get better and better. As time has gone on the added technology to the boots has made them a must have for anyone who takes the activity at all seriously. 

Whether it’s a long walk to the lake you’re going to be fishing in or the fact that you can stand out there for hours in the freezing cold, there’s plenty of reasons to invest in a pair of cold weather boots. It’s only going to make your experience better and more enjoyable – they are an essential ice fishing tool.

At first you may really be questioning how important they really are, you may think that you  can just tough it out with a good pair of wellingtons. You may be right but just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should do something. 

Luckily for you we’ve gathered all of the information you’ll need to think about when purchasing the boots that are best for you, so let’s get started.

7 Best Ice Fishing Boots

1. Muck Boot Arctic Pro Snow Boots

The Arctic pro snow boots are one of the best snow boots that you will find on the market. They’re camouflaged in the style of duck hunting. They have a fleece interior lining and a padded sole making these boots both warm and comfortable for the user. 

With improved technology of insulation the boots can withstand temperatures of -60, making these the go to boots for any ice fisher worth their salt.

The material on the outside layer of the boot is called Neoprene and makes the boots waterproof but without the stiffness and weight of rubber. However they do use very durable outsoles that are rubberized. They’re really thick giving the user an extra buffer between their foot and the ice


  • Thick outsole that is durable
  • Waterproof
  • Can withstand temperatures as low as -60


  • Due to the technology and thickness of the boot they are quite heavy.

2. ArcticShield Insulated Tall Winter Boots

These incredibly affordable boots from ArcticShield come with an 8 mm lining allowing these boots to be comfortable for the user at -40. It also has a brilliant little feature of a draw string on the top of the boot allowing you to tighten it up as much as you want, this is used to help you trudging through deep snow to stop the snow from coming in the boot.

You can also apply the velcro strap about midway up the boot for extra comfort and fitting purposes. Which if you have bought winter boots before you’ll know is a very prominent issue. 

The boots are water resistant so should be okay in the snow but if you’re planning on standing in some boot high lakes it’s not recommended for these boots. But due to the affordable nature of these boots they’re perfect for keeping your feet warm.


  • Can handle temperatures of minus 40
  • Velcro strap for comfort
  • Drawstring to stop snow coming in the boot.


  • Water resistant not waterproof

3. Baffin Snow Monster Boots
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The Snow Monster boots are hands down the most durable snow boots in the baffins line. They can withstand temperatures down to -70. They have an insulation of 8 layers. The outsole offers incredible traction, due to its iceclaw design. 

It is made with Baffins technological timberwolf leather and diamond lite in the upper part of the boot which is part of what makes them so good for the low temperature that you will be facing on your ice fishing expeditions. But even if you just hate the cold they’re great boots for you. 

The sole of the boot is a staple of modern engineering. It is made up of several thermoset polymers that are all molded together to create a balance of warmth, protection, grip and extremely low weight which is incredibly important in the snow as you’ll know that walking through thick snow can be quite heavy. 


  • Grip
  • Can withstand temperatures of minus 70
  • 8 layers of insulation.


  • Doesn’t state if they are waterproof or water resistant.

4. Baffin Wolf Winter Boots

As you can probably tell already, Baffin forte is making snow boots. That is perfect for the coldest parts of the world and these are no different; they are truly built to handle the elements with ease. 

They have a five layer insulation system that is combined with thermaplush which makes the outsole so cold resistant all the way down to -40.

To make the boots the most comfortably fitting they’ve added a buckle on the lower half of the boot for tightening and something that is known as a calf cinch on the top half of the boot, tightening these to your chosen level is what adds to the comfort of the boot. By using these designs it allows you to feel snug without squeezing the insulation of the boot.

The top of the boot is fitted with a snow collar to keep snow out of the boot whilst you’re walking through it.


  • Snow collar
  • Buckles and calf cinch for comfort
  • Five layer insulation system


  • Bottom half of the boot is waterproof but water that is of knee height won’t be suited.

5. Sorel 1964 Pac Nylon Boots

Let’s be real here, most winter snow bow boots are not the most stylish of boots, however, the sorel 1964 pac boot is one of if not the most stylish snow boot ever made.

It should be noted that just because they are stylish doesn’t mean that they are not good at their job, these boots handle cold weather with ease. It is made out of duck rubber on the lower half of the boot which keeps both water and snow from having any effect on what is on the inside of the boot.

The effect that upper nylon has on the boot also makes it the top half water proof. You can also choose different colors of nylon to make the boot extra stylish and gives you the option to pick a color that is just right for you. 

The top of the boot has a cuff which is both fluffy and useful to keep the snow out as you are dredging through it. It also again adds to the style of the boot. So you get both the form of a designer boot as well as the function of a world class snow boot.


  • Stylish
  • Waterproof
  • Cuff that keeps the snow out of the boot


  • Thin boots compared to the rest on the list.

6. Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 Insulated Boots

The quality of the Kenetrek is almost unmatched. The 400 gram thinsulate insulation keeps you both warm and dry for all of your fishing expeditions. Obviously that is an incredibly important part of any winter boot because the last thing you want to be is cold and wet. 

The boots themselves are 10 inches from the bottom to the top and have a 2.8 mm thick leather that goes from the lower boot all the way to the upper boot.

These are the perfect boots for an ice fisher who takes the warmth of a boot seriously and they are nimble so you can take winter walks with them too. The boots are fully waterproof and the thick outsoles provide perfect traction for its user. 


  • 400 gram thinsulate insulation
  • Fully waterproof
  • Great traction


  • Expensive. 

7. Merrell Coldpack Ice+ 8 inch Zip Polar Waterproof Snow Boot

Merrells snow boot is one of the top snow boots on the market. The boot offers complete protection from the water making it an incredibly good boot for ice fishing or any other winter activities you may choose to pursue.

Tried and tested these boots will keep you both warm and dry which should be your main goal when ice fishing other than catching some fish obviously. 

They are fitted with a low bulk insulation making them incredibly lightweight for the protection that they offer. The weight of a boot is always important when thinking about trudging through thick snow. The last thing you need is added weight to you when you are miles from civilization on an icy lake. 

The outsole of the boot offers perfect grip for the conditions that you will be facing which again is important when you are walking over such unsafe surfaces like you will undoubtedly be doing during the expeditions that you undertake.

The features of this boot are what make it so great, like mentioned your feet will be warm and dry and secure with the added traction given to you by the material of the outsole. The insulation offers such warmth that you might not even need to wear socks (Don’t take our word for that though).


  • Traction given to you by the outsole
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof


  • Uses a zip to fasten so won’t be able to make adjustments for comfort.

Ice Fishing Boot Buyers Guide


When it comes to ice fishing boots, insulation is one of the most important factors of how good the boot actually is. If your boot is poorly insulated then you won’t have an enjoyable experience out there in the freezing cold. Insulation is key to an enjoyable time.

Luckily with modern technology all of the above listed boots are incredibly well insulated and have an ability to withstand the harshest environments that the world can offer you. To be fully prepared for your expedition, insulation has to be near the top if not the actual top of your priority list. 


A boots ability to keep your feet dry is also high on the list of things you will need. Some of the boots above are water resistant which means they can deal with certain levels of water but if you were to go any deeper into the water you might notice that your feet are getting a little bit wet.

If you know you won’t be standing in any knee high lakes then they should be perfect for you. However, if you plan to be in knee high water it is recommended that before you purchase you check that they are fully waterproof, many of the above listed boots are exactly that.

The nature of how waterproof a boot is is defined by what materials have been used to make certain parts of the boot, hence why you may find some are only water resistant instead of fully waterproof. 


Weight of a boot is incredibly important also, the last thing you need when trudging through heavy snow whilst carrying your fishing equipment is finding it difficult to lift your boot out of the deep snow. The weight, like how waterproof a boot is impacted by what materials are used to make the boot.

Some boots may be a little bit heavier than others but could offer more protection in other areas, that being said we think weight is something that you should take into account when purchasing your boots. It is very difficult to trudge through thick snow if your boots are weighing you down.


Not to be forgotten about is how much grip a boot offers you. This is an area of high importance as you will be walking over very slippery surfaces whilst fishing and on your way to your desired spot, if you slip you may cause yourself to have an injury which is the last thing you want to happen whilst being in the middle of nowhere.

The material of the boot is very important but another thing that is important is the actual design of the outsole, the Baffin Snow Monster boot offers an ice claw design on their sole which is the most useful for walking over the slipperiest conditions, that being said like I mentioned the materials are also important, before purchasing you should check which material alone also offers the best grip for you and your needs.

Snow Collar

Perhaps something that many wouldn’t think of as being that important at first because you might think the designer has just added it for the style of the boot and not for the purpose of the boot.

I can assure you that that is very far from the truth, a snow collar can keep the snow out from the inside of the boot when you’re are walking through particularly deep snow, without a snow collar you may find that some of that snow seeps in and then it doesn’t matter how waterproof or well insulated the boot is because the snow will be getting on the inside where you feet are, it can cause it to melt and soak your feet which can make you ill if not dealt with soon enough. The snow collar is an important part of any boot.


Durability is another key aspect of how good a snow boot actually is, obviously it’s important to make sure that the boots you own can withstand lots of damage because they are going to be walking through lots of damaging areas.

What makes a boot so durable is the quality that it is made with and the quality of the materials used to make the boot. It is important to research the durability of a boot before you purchase it as there is nothing worse than getting out into the snow and icy conditions and watching your boots slowly break apart because they weren’t right for the conditions that they are being used for.

With modern technologies the above listed boots are all incredibly durable offering the best experience for the user. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the boots completely waterproof?

The boots that are mentioned above are mostly completely waterproof, only a select few that are water resistant. The boots that are listed as waterproof are 100% waterproof and you shouldn’t get wet wearing them, the ones that are listed as water resistant may only be waterproof up to a certain level of water due to what material the rest of the boot is made out of. 

Are the boots warm?

The boots that are listed above all have very high levels of insulation due to the nature of their usage. The lowest temperature that a listed boot can withstand is – 70 degrees this means that your feet should not get cold whilst wearing these boots. You shouldn’t wear normal fishing shoes when ice fishing.

Does the interior of the boot make a difference?

The interior of the boots can be laced with many different materials, all of the above listed boots are insulated with modern engineering to create the most comfort as well as give you the best practicality for your usage mainly they are fleece lined as well as being insulated within the fabrics of the boot itself. The interior of your boot will make a huge difference for your enjoyment.

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