7 Best Ice Fishing Gloves + Buying Guide [2022 Update]

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When it comes to ice fishing, not only do you want to catch the largest fish possible, but you want to do it while staying warm. Extreme cold weather could harm your limbs and there is the chance of catching frostbite and hypothermia.

It can be difficult to treat and injuries caused while fishing if your hands are too cold to feel anything. Hence, I have compiled together the 7 best ice fishing gloves that will keep your hands safe and warm in those cold fishing conditions.

7 Best Ice Fishing Gloves

1. KastKing Mountain Mist Fishing Gloves

The KastKing Mountain Mist Fishing Gloves have open finger slots using a hook and loop catch. These slots allow you to do fiddly tasks such as changing bait or even just checking your phone, but you don’t have to take your gloves off.

Perfect for both men and women. These gloves are made with microfiber palm which is also anti-slip. While the back of the gloves are fleece lined, for added warmth and comfort.

These gloves are waterproof, which is ideal when you are fishing in cold and wet conditions. Thanks to the microfiber palm these ice fishing gloves are really durable  and last a lot longer than a normal pair of gloves.

The KastKing Mountain Fishing Gloves make ice fishing a breeze. They are strong, durable and with added grip they help you keep a tight hand on your fishing rod.


  • Anti-slip palm – The palm is made from microfiber which adds extra grip when holding anything in your hands. 
  • Removable finger slot – The tips of certain fingers can be uncovered when intricate tasks need to be completed, but the rest of your hand remains warm. 
  • Durable – The microfiber palm make this gloves really durable and can last much longer than a normal pair of fishing gloves


  • Waterproof – Some customers have claimed that the gloves absorbed a minimal amount of water that they came across, meaning that they aren’t entirely waterproof.

2. Palmyth Flexible Fishing Gloves

The Palmyth Flexible Fishing Gloves have a flip back thumb, index and middle fingers, which uses metal buttons and caps. This allows you to free your frees to be able to easily tie knots or change bait on your fishing line. Yet your hands remain warm. These gloves are great for cold conditions but struggle in extreme cold conditions or really heavy snowy days. 

These gloves have an adjustable velcro wrist, to help keep these cold winds out and keep the warmth in your gloves. The back of these gloves are made from fleece to add warmth and insulation. The palm is made from reinforced partial synthetic leather, which allows for a better grip and durability.

Alongside that, the Palmyth gloves are windproof and repel water and snow. These gloves are perfect for fishermen, cyclists, holders and runners who want to keep those cold winds off their hands and fingers.


  • Removable finger flaps – Your thumb, index and middle fingers can be removed for delicate tasks, but keeps your hands warm.
  • Velcro wrist strap – The velcro wrist strap allows these gloves to fit everyone, but the strap also helps keep the heat in your gloves.
  • Windproof and water-repellent soft shell – These gloves are windproof and repel water and snow that touch them, instead of absorbing them and making your gloves cold and wet


  • 35 degrees and above – These gloves aren’t suitable for extremely cold temperatures.
  • Waterproof – These gloves might be water repellent, but that doesn’t make them waterproof. They are okay if some water or snow gets splashed onto them, but these gloves are suitable for dipping your hands into cold water.

3. Glacier Glove Ice Bay

The Ice Bay gloves by Glacier Glove are 100% waterproof. They consist of a 2mm fleece lined neoprene for added comfort and warmth. The gloves have a seamless palm design with a sharkin texture design that will provide you with the best grip you have ever had. As this is a seamless design, this product has been glued and blind stitched together, which actually gives you extra durability and warm.These gloves are perfect for the coldest conditions.


  • Sharkskin texture – The shark skin texture gives you the best grip for when you are holding your rod or handling those fish.
  • Waterproof – These gloves are 100% waterproof.
  • Fleece Lined – The fleece lining makes these gloves comfortable to wear and provide you with extra warmth.


  • Seamless Design – No seams, means that there are no chances of you catching your gloves on something. Yet some customers have noted that the seams broke open after a little bit of friction. 

4. Stormr Typhoon Fishing Gloves

The Stormr Typhoon Fishing Gloves are made from neoprene and have a micro-fleece lining. With a seamless design that has been glued and blind stitched together for flexible and watertight seams. On the thumb, index and middle fingers have kevlar patches on the tips, which are perfect for braided line and bait casting reels. 

Overall, these gloves provide you with amazing grip and durability, yet they are comfy to wear. They look as if they mould to your hands, making them easy to wear. These are the perfect gloves for fishing, their grip will keep a hold on your rod in all weather conditions. While the adjustable wrist velcro, will keep the heat in your gloves and keep the cold winds out.


  • Grip – The Stormr Typhoon Fishing Gloves have superior grip abilities, due to the palm and finger patches.
  • Water resistant – This product is waterproof, and will keep your hands warm against cold water.
  • Velcro Wrist Band – This band is adjustable for all sizes and keeps your hands even warmer.


  • Glued seams – The parts of the gloves that have been glued together can cause issues with the gloves. Customers have noted that sometimes where the gloves have been glued, these seams don’t last as long, or they notice that parts of the gloves haven’t been glued down at all.

5. Memphis Ninja Ice Cold Weather Glove

The Memphis Ninja Ice gloves are some of the most affordable gloves that you can get your hands on. These Ninja gloves will keep your hands warm and protect them. These gloves have been lined with a 7 gauge acrylic terry line, which will provide you with the maximum warmth. These gloves will repel liquid, due to its HPT (Hydroplane Technology). This means if any liquid gets on these gloves, it just repels the water. 

These gloves have a double layer, which provides more warmth. However this also helps in protecting your hands from any cold or fishing injuries. The design features a unique shell and polymer combination. With these gloves on you’ll be able to handle any spikey or nasty fish without fear of getting any injuries.


  • HPT coating – This coating repels water and provides you with a strong grip in all weather conditions.
  • Double Layer – Two layers means more warmth is created and adds extra protection.
  • Unique shell and polymer design – This design helps in adding protection and avoiding any chance of injuries while handling tough fish.


  • Fit – Some customers have noted that the finger length on these gloves are a little too long for them. 

6. Rapala Fisherman Gloves

These Rapala Fisherman Gloves are non-slip, which makes catching those slippery fish even easier. These gloves will protect you from any fishing injuries, thanks to its durable latex coating. You can use these gloves for either freshwater or saltwater fishing. 

The latex coating has many benefits. It not only protects your hands and provides you with protection against fish. Yet it also has an extremely strong grip, which makes handling fish and bait even easier.

Latex may not sound very warm, but they keep your hands more in chilly conditions. The Rapala gloves are durable and long lasting that will make ice fishing a breeze.


  • Grip – This product will provide you with a strong grip while you are fishing.
  • Protection –  Made with a latex coating, this coating will protect your hands from bites and scratches that you could endure.
  • Price – This product is very affordable and ideal for those on a budget.


  • Not waterproof – These gloves aren’t completely waterproof and can stay a bit soggy after coming into contact with water.

7. WindRider Rugged Waterproof Winter Gloves

The WindRider Winter gloves are made from cordura nylon shells, which makes this product durable and less likely to tear. Inside a hipora lining has been added, which makes these gloves waterproof and keep your hands dry, even in some of the colder and wetter conditions.

Alongside that there is a fleece lining that keeps your hands really toasty. You won’t have to take these gloves off as their fingertips are compatible to use a touchscreen. You can answer phone calls with these gloves on, but texting is a little more difficult. 

These are not only gloves that are great at insulating your hands, they also provide you some more storage. You can never have enough pockets, but if you want your personal items close by then these gloves are for you. The pockets are on the back on the gloves and can hold your keys or credit cards. However it is also a great place to put a hand warmer to make these gloves even coiser to wear.


  • Touchscreen fingertips – You can keep your gloves on and use your phone, thanks to the touchscreen sensitive fingertips.
  • Pocket – These gloves have a pocket on the back of the handy, where you store personal items or even a hand warmer.
  • Waterproof – This product is waterproof and will keep your hands dry.


  • Stiff – Some customers have mentioned that these gloves are quite stiff to wear, and that it can take a while for them to become a bit more flexible.

Ice Fishing Glove Buyer’s Guide
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Choosing the best ice fishing gloves is really important. As you want gloves that are going to help you and your hands survive those harsh cold conditions. Wearing the right equipment in cold weather is really important, because otherwise your body will suffer from it. Which will result in you getting ill or injured. 

Your hands are extremely important when it comes to fishing, so you need to pay as much attention to them as you do to your fishing rod and bait. Having the right gloves for the right conditions is really important. 

The most essential thing you need to look for when it comes to purchasing fishing gloves is how warm will they keep your hands. You want them to protect your hands from any injuries if that is possible.

However, the main purpose of the gloves that you buy is to keep your hands warm, so that you can comfortably fish in all weather conditions and temperatures. Below are some key elements you need to consider and know when buying ice fishing gloves.


The material that your fishing gloves are made from is really important. The material or materials used will affect the durability and comfort of the gloves. A good quality pair of gloves will have an outer shell layer which is most likely made from nylon.

While there will be an inner layer that will provide you the warmth you are craving. A lot of gloves on this list have a fleece inner layer as it is comfortable to wear and provides you with plenty of warmth. Some of the materials might have coatings on them this helps with waterproofing, so your hands can stay warm and dry

Waterproof or water resistant

When it comes to ice fishing, you are dealing with cold temperatures and cold water. Therefore you need to know if your gloves are going to be waterproof or water resistant.

The difference between the two is about how much water gets through your gloves material. A 100% waterproof is the ideal glove but the issue is that this glove isnt very breathable and your hand inside may become quite sweaty inside. It is trying to find the right balance.

You want a glove that will repel the water and ideally not get through the gloves material and to your hand. Otherwise your hand will get cold from the water and your gloves will remain wet and cold for the duration of your fishing trip. Which is exactly the opposite of what you want. 

Waterproof or water resistant gloves it is up to you which you choose. However you want a glove that soaks up as little water as possible, thus keeping your hands dry and warm.


You want your gloves to be waterproof, yet they should also be windproof. Some of the gloves I have mentioned above come with a velcro wrist band, which helps keep the wind out and you get to keep the heat inside your gloves. You don’t want a cold wind to cut through your gloves and for all the heat you have created to be taken away.


Unfortunately, fishing is a waiting game, thus you could be staring at the end of your rod for a long time before you get a bite.

As a result, your gloves need to be comfortable to wear, otherwise you’ll spend your time thinking about how uncomfortable your gloves are. Which then makes the experience less enjoyable. 

Durability and Dexterity

When it comes to fishing gloves, you should still be able to do everything that you used to do with no issues. Really, you want to be able to keep your gloves on as long as possible. That is why it’s good to have gloves with removable fingertips so you can do the tricker tasks of tying knots or changing bait, yet your hands can remain warm. 

However you also want them to make touching and dealing with fish easy. You don’t want gloves that rips as soon you put them on, or gloves that are slippery to wear.

It’s important that whatever gloves you choose they give you plenty of grip and you can still do all your fishing tasks with ease. You should still be able to do everything even if you are wearing gloves.


Like with anything you wear, you want to make sure that they fit you well. You don’t want them too big or small, otherwise it will make fishing difficult to do. Having the right sized pair of gloves will be more comfortable to wear and also make doing all your fishing tasks easier to do. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep your hands warm while fishing?

There are several ways to keep your hands warm while fishing – A pair of decent fishing gloves will help you out a lot, especially waterproof gloves, because it is the cold water that will make your hands cold. You should try to keep moving your fingers if they do start to feel cold, so you keep the blood flowing through them. If your hands do get wet, then you should dry them as quickly as possible.

Why do professional fishermen wear gloves?

Gloves might keep your hands warm but they also have other benefits. They can provide you with more grip while handling fish and can protect the slime coat that covers fish. Alongside that, not all fish are friendly so gloves can protect you from fish fins and bites. 

Why are some fishing gloves fingerless?

Fingerless gloves are lighter and allow your fingers more movement. They are great when you need to tie knots, yet they still offer the rest of your hand and palm protection too.


Ice fishing is an extremely fun thing to do, however you are dealing with cold weather conditions. Therefore you need to protect your hands from the cold conditions.

Above, I have put together the best ice fishing gloves that you can get your hands on right now. Now there is no excuse for you not to have a pair of the best ice fishing gloves to protect your hands when you next go ice fishing.

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