7 Best Ice Fishing Lines + Buying Guide [2022 Update]

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Perhaps the best part about taking up fishing as an activity that you are interested in is the fact that it is not best to do it during one specific season, as a matter of fact one of the most enjoyable parts about fishing is ice fishing.

Ice fishing offers many different challenges than regular fishing does, obviously the main challenge is the freezing cold weather conditions that you deal with, another is the style of fishing you have to do known as vertical fishing and perhaps one of the more interesting challenges it offers is water visibility.

The most common issue we see with most new ice fishers is using the same old regular fishing lines which are not the most useful when specifically ice fishing. The majority of fishing lines are inexpensive so purchasing a new line at the beginning of the season can massively impact how good of an experience that you can have especially during the icy months. 

If you are an experienced ice fisher then you will know that spooling your ice fishing set up with a regular line is not the best idea. Not all fishing lines are perfect for the conditions that you’ll be facing. 

Hopefully the list below will tell you exactly what fishing line is best for your ice fishing plans.

7 Best Ice Fishing Lines

1. KastKing SuperPower

The KastKing SuperPower line is hands down one of the best on the market. The line uses a strand of weave that is either 4 or 8 depending on your choice. This makes it a very strong line giving you one of the best performing lines out there.

It is tied together by using a diamond pattern, because of this it gives you a thinner line, this allows you to have more of the line on the actual spool. The line uses a proprietary treatment whilst it is being manufactured which allows the line to go through the guide on your rod incredibly easily.

This means that it will not leave a more waxy feeling to it. It also makes the line more lively underwater. Due to its braided lines it leaves no room for stretch which means you’ll feel everything that nibbles on it even if the line is 300 feet below sea level. 

Due to the dyneema strands that are used it is an incredibly strong line that won’t be damaged if it is being dragged under some form of debris.


  • Very robust
  • Does not stretch.
  • The dyneema strands that it uses make it very difficult to be damaged.


  • Can feel very rough

2. Reaction Tackle

Reaction tack is again one of the best lines on the ice fishing market. It isn’t one of the friendlier priced lines but it is of an incredibly high quality. The lines have been tested to weigh up to 200 lbs meaning that it is perfect if you are going to be attempting to catch fish on the larger side of things.

The line has incredible sensitivity and a zero stretch feature like the line previously mentioned, this allows you to feel anything that may or may not be nibbling on your bait. It can also be flung out to incredibly long distances. 

The line itself is very sturdy and has an abrasion resistance that is very high, this is due to the coating of the line. It is made from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, in other words it is very strong which makes it perfect for ice fishing and catching the bigger fish.

The line like previously mentioned comes in both 4 strands or 8 strands depending on your choice.


  • Zero stretch in the line
  • Sensitive so you’ll feel anything that might be nibbling on it.
  • Incredibly strong.


  • Has been known as quite difficult to tie knots.

3. Piscifun Superline

The Piscifun Superline is again one of the best lines on the market for ice fishing, this is because of how durable it is giving you the ability to catch the larger fish. It also has zero stretch and is incredibly lightweight. It can carry up to 150 lbs due to the fact that it is braided  with a choice of 4 or 8 strands. 

The zero stretch makes it an incredibly sensitive line allowing the user of it to once again feel every bite that might occur. IT has a very strong fibre design that allows it to be abrasion resistant. The strength and the durability of this line is really something to marvel at.

The resistant material it uses allows it not to be affected by stones or even loose ice. The smoothness of the line is again top quality. It allows the line and the bait to smoothly flow through the water at an incredible speed. 


  • Very smooth line making it quick through the water
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Incredibly durable and strong.


  • It is difficult to untie knots.

4. Berkley Trilence Ice Fishing Line

Berkley itself is an incredibly well known fishing brand. IT is renowned for its high quality products so it is no surprise that their ice fishing line makes this list. The line in question is durable, rugged and like we mentioned, of high quality. It is also a monofilament line which admittedly fishermen are moving away from; however, we feel it offers certain qualities that others don’t.

The line is incredibly strong like you would expect from somebody as well known as Berkley, it’s been made to reduce the shock that some lines can feel when they’re plunged into abnormal temperatures. It also has a little bit of stretch in it which allows you to feel the resistance of the line.

Being that it is a monofilament line it is incredibly easy to tie. It is also available in different colors, clear steel or solar so you won’t have an issue with visibility when it comes to using this line. Although not as strong as some of the other lines that doesn’t mean it’s not a good choice, it’s just suited to catching smaller fish.

This is a very affordable line which is surprising based on how good the overall product is and the fact that it is made by such a renowned manufacturer. 


  • Highly sensitive allowing you to feel everything that comes its way
  • Deals with the abnormal temperature of ice fishing very well. 
  • Available in different colors to help with visibility


  • Somewhat lacking in strength in comparison to some of the others on the list. 

5. KastKing Monofilament

The Kastking Monofilament line is again one of the best lines you can find on the market. This is a rather special line due to its unique design and the ability it gives you to handle.  The KastKing Monofilament line has parallel roll track technology which is what gives it the ability to be one of the best performing lines out there increasing the handling and the casting process as it gives you the best control over your casting. 

It is incredibly resistant and sturdy as well as having a strong structural integrity. It is of nylon construction which makes it incredibly abrasion resistant. Its strength and abrasion qualities allow its user to have a very easy time catching bigger fish. The line itself can come in a variety of options but the best for visibility is the multi colored one.  But it is also available in a range of different colors such as red, clea, green and also blue.


  • Strong
  • Easy to control
  • Very abrasion resistant


  • Struggles to be so precise due to it being monofilament.

6. Sunline Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon

The Sunline Sniper line is a remarkable line for ice fishing. It is incredibly abrasion resistant which allows the line to be very durable and won’t break off at the first sign of trouble. Although being great for ice fishing it is also good for many other fishing conditions so you’re not just limited to using it during the winter months.

The materials used to make this line make it incredibly easy to cast allowing even a fishing novice to look like an expert. The performance of the line is again brilliant. It was specifically designed with the thought of ice fishing in mind so you know for a fact that it will not struggle when it comes to the freezing cold temperatures that the icy water offers. 

The high sensitivity of this product due to it being made from fluorocarbon allows fishermen to feel even the smallest of nibbles. It also allows it to be incredibly strong, it is also a softer feeling line that makes it much easier when it comes to tying tight knots. 


  • Strong
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Durable


  • MAy not be the most visible line. 

7. Celsius Tip-up Line

The tip-up line is an incredibly popular choice with most experienced ice fishers. One of the more amazing features of this line is its resistance when it comes to dealing with freezing cold temperatures, making it a trusted product for those who know anything about ice fishing. 

The strength of the line is impressive to say the least. The strength is rated in between 15 lbs and 25 lbs this makes it able to withstand any force that could be generated by a fish chomping at your bait. 

The durability of this line is almost unbelievable. It is made out of polyethylene, which helps the line stay perfect for long periods of time, because of this the line’s durability almost doubles by reducing abrasion effect when the fish is swaying side to side to try and escape your bait. It is also highly sensitive.


  • Highly sensitive
  • Incredibly durable 
  • Resistant to abrasions.


  • The hook can break if you set the drag of the line too tight. 

Ice Fishing Line Buyers Guide
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The strength of a fishing line is one of the most important aspects of the fishing line, this can make or break your experience so it is important to factor in the strength of the line that you are using, after all you don’t want to use a line that as a max strength of 20 lbs when you’re going to a spot known to hold fish up to 50 lbs, that seems counterproductive.

Lots of things can have an impact on the overall strength of the line such as the material that it’s made out of and even the way that it is braided together. These should be accounted for when deciding what line is best for your specific needs.


The durability of a line is one of the most if not the most important aspect of a line that you should take into consideration, one of the worst things that can happen to a person is being in the  middle of a lake miles away from anyone and the first line you throw into the water just snaps at the first sign of action.

Lots of things can impact how durable a line is, mainly what materials it has been made with. Luckily all of the lines that are mentioned above are incredibly durable and can handle some of the toughest conditions that you will face during your ice fishing expeditions. It is incredibly important that before buying your chosen line that you check that it can withstand lots of different things that could impact if you will even be able to catch a fish. 


The visibility of a line is again a rather important aspect, not only is it important that you can see your line so you know exactly where you are casting it it’s important that a fish can’t see your line, during the colder temperatures fish slow their movements down massively to preserve their energy, by doing this it gives fish an opportunity to study the bait before taking nibble at it, if a fish can see your line they’re less likely to take a bite out of it and more likely to move on.

The fluorocarbon line is great for this aspect due to it being of such a thin construction, this again makes it incredibly difficult for the fish to see the actual line.


The sensitivity of your line is again incredibly important. If you have a line that is not very sensitive you may find that you won’t be able to even feel if a fish has taken a liking to your bait. Like stated earlier in colder waters fish are less likely to be aggressive when it comes to taking a bite out of your bait.

This means that in order to have even the slightest bit of success at ice fishing the line that you select needs to be incredibly sensitive to feel exactly when a fish is near even at the slightest of touches.

Abrasion Resistance

Another aspect of the line that you should take into account when purchasing is resistant it is to abrasions, this can be determined by what material the line is made out of or “coated with” the reason this is important is if you cast your line out and perhaps it a rock or dragging it under a rock for example you don’t want the line to break, the abrasion resistance actually has an impact on almost everything above, except maybe visibility.

The reason I say that is because you can have a line that for example could carry a 60 lbs but as you are reeling that line in with a fish caught and it starts to be dragged over rough terrain such as rocks or other forms of debris then it could fray and damage the actual structural integrity of the line causing it to snap anyway. So without a line that has a high abrasion resistance you may find that you are dead in the water. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ice fishing lines durable?

Yes the above mentioned fishing lines are all incredibly durable. They can withstand the freezing cold temperatures that will be needed during ice fishing along with keeping their incredibly high sensitivity which helps hugely if you’re planning to cast your line very far out.
The durability of the lines that have been mentioned is an incredibly important aspect.

Do these lines struggle when it comes to catching bigger fish?

All of the lines mentioned are strong lines, you should check for specifics when buying but the strength in general is impressive as well as being able to handle bigger fish.
The strength of the line is highly important when it comes to reeling the line back in. 

Are the lines highly sensitive?

The lines that have been mentioned are incredibly sensitive and will be able to feel even the slightest of touches which is great for ice fishing due to fish not being overly aggressive in the cold weather conditions.
You will be able to feel even the faintest of nibbles on your bait allowing you the best chance at actually catching a fish when it first takes a bite on your bait.

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