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Most novice and beginner bass anglers can get started in the sport for a relatively low investment in terms of a good rod and reel, as well as tackle and other items. However, once you begin to get a decent amount of experience in fishing, it’s quite evident that getting the best gear and equipment usually involves making a significant investment. Finding a happy medium between great quality gear and an affordable price is often hard to come by, but Lew’s is one brand that often comes very close to the mark. 

In this article, we’ll discuss my hands-on review of the Lew’s Laser MG baitcasting reel and whether or not it’s worth the price compared to some of its closest competitors. 

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Lew’s Laser MG Baitcast Reel Overview 

It’s difficult to find a solid baitcasting reel that offers a smooth cast and good drag weight without forcing you to spend more than $200 in most cases. The Lew’s Laser MG Baitcast reel is one of the rare products that blends both of these characteristics together for a much lower price than one might expect. 

Lew’s has been in business since 1940 and their team of design experts and engineers are known for making a point to provide anglers with top-notch gear for a fraction of what they might spend on other brands’ products. The Laser MG Baitcast is one of the top-selling brands in the fishing industry today for a very good reason. 

I’ve been using this reel for several months now and have become well-acquainted with some of its strengths and weaknesses. Overall, it feels very much like what you’d expect out of a reel that costs upwards of $100, yet it’s usually priced quite a bit less. In the following sections, we’ll cover some of the most notable features of the Lew’s Laser MG Baitcast, as well as its performance and durability compared to some of the other brands and products that you can usually find for a somewhat similar price. 

laser lews mg baitcast reel

Ball Bearing System 

The Lew’s Laser MG Baitcast reel has what many anglers would describe as a very smooth casting and reeling experience compared to most other products that are within the same price range. This is due to the fact that Lew’s designed this reel with 8 stainless steel double-shielded ball bearings. These ball bearings are specially-designed to provide exceptional smoothness in casting and reeling and it’s one of my favorite qualities about this product. 

Since I started fishing with the reel many months ago, it has not failed to remain incredibly smooth, regardless of whether I’m using it with braid, fluro or monofilament fishing line, as well as in freshwater or saltwater environments. These ball bearings are made to withstand the corrosive properties of being used in saltwater and I’ve used the Lew’s Laser MG Baitcast multiple times on inshore fishing trips without any issue. 

Compared to other reels that are within the same price range, the Lew’s Laser MG Baitcast’s smoothness in terms of its casting and reeling are something I would rate very high on any scale. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with this aspect of the reel and this is one of the main reasons why I would likely purchase another one of these reels, or other reel made by Lew’s. 

One-Piece Graphite Frame 

One of the most important things an experienced angler looks for in a good baitcaster reel is what the frame is made of and just how well it will hold up against extreme pressure. The Lew’s Laser MG Baitcast reel is made of a durable one-piece graphite frame that offers great toughness to handle the fight you’ll get from small to medium or even large-sized fish. 

The graphite frame may not be as lightweight as some of the other types of material that brands often use in the construction of their baitcasting reel’s frame, but it offers other advantages as well. The graphite material is undoubtedly more lightweight than just about anything else Lew’s could use to make their reel while keeping it within the low price range that it’s in. 

I’ve reeled in some sizable largemouth bass, as well as a few catfish on this reel and have been thoroughly satisfied with its ability to withstand quite a bit of pressure when fighting these fish. It should be noted that you can’t expect graphite to be as strong as aluminum, so if you’re planning to go after large fish that are going to pull exceptionally hard against the reel, it may not hold up as well as something with an aluminum frame. 

Laser MG Speed Spool 

Perhaps the most notable feature and part of the Lew’s Laser MG Baitcast reel is the Laser MG Speed Spool. This anodized aluminum spool is designed with a U-shaped 32-mm size and can handle any type of line with relative ease. The aluminum spool is one of the heavier parts of the reel, but it’s intended to give you a smooth and steady action in terms of casting and retrieval of just about any type of lure you want to use. 

Gear Ratio 

The Lew’s Laser MG Baitcast comes in three different gear ratios that include a 5.4:1, a 6.4:1 and a 7.1:1. These all serve a different purpose and the slower 5.4:1 model is a good choice for anglers who like to use cranking lures like spinnerbaits, crankbaits, swimbaits and umbrella rigs. 

The medium-speed 6.4:1 gear ratio is good for smaller crankbaits or spinnerbaits and can serve as a more versatile reel that you can use for soft plastic rigs like a Texas or Carolina. The faster 7.1:1 is what I currently have and have been using for nearly a year and it’s perfect for topwater, jigs, soft plastics and any other rig that you will be required to take up a lot of slack in your line before working the bait in. 

Magnetic Braking System 

One of the other most talked-about features of the Lew’s Laser MG Baitcast is that it features an externally-controlled magnetic braking system. This feature is one that you should expect to find on virtually any decent baitcaster reel in today’s fishing industry, but the quality and effectiveness of the Lew’s Laser MG Baitcast reel’s magnetic braking system is a pleasant surprise. 

It feels like what I would expect on a reel that costs more than twice what you’ll pay for the Lew’s Laser MG Speed Spool and certainly makes a load of difference for anglers who like to use this reel to fish with a wide variety of different style lures that are of various weights. 

It’s easy to make a few minor adjustments and get the reel tuned in to the weight and size of your lure before making a perfect cast. I found it very easy to get the hang of getting this reel dialed in perfectly for the lures that are my favorite and it’s turned out to be one that I rarely ever backlash, even when fishing in windy conditions. 

Other Notable Features

Some of the other notable features that I should mention are the High Speed solid brass Speed Gears, as well as the Zero-Reverse One-Way Clutch bearing. The Speed Gears are made of brass and are also precision-cut using Hamai CNC machines, which mean they are made to fit together with excellent exactitude. 

The Lew’s Laser MG Baitcast comes with a max drag weight of 15 pounds and it certainly offers a smooth drag when fighting a hard-pulling fish that will put this characteristic to the test. The internal parts of the Lew’s Laser MG Baitcast are made with the same high standards that many anglers have come to expect out of Lew’s brand products and I’ve known the company to be exceptionally great in terms of customer service and working with their dealers and customers alike to ensure that anglers are well-satisfied in using their products. 

Each Lew’s Laser MG Baitcast reel comes with the Lew’s standard 1-year warranty and the company has a good reputation in backing that up to satisfy their customer. 

Bestseller No. 1


Laser MG7+16.8:127110/12110/5015


Overall, the reel has a low profile and a great, ergonomic feel that combine with the performance value so that it’s easy to see why this is one of the top-selling reels in the world right now for largemouth bass and other similar species. It’s one of the few good quality baitcaster reels that I can honestly say out-punches its weight in terms of its capabilities and features, as well as the price the reel is typically offered at. 

I would highly recommend the Lew’s Laser MG Baitcast reel to anglers of any skill level and it is one that is ideal for beginner and novice anglers who are looking for a solid starter baitcaster if they are looking to make the jump from spinning or spincast reels to baitcasting setups. 

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