Okuma Classic CLX Reel Review – Budget Conventional Reel

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If you are looking for a low-budget but high-quality overhead reel, Okuma Classic CLX can be a suitable choice. You can use this for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. It comes from leading Japanese manufacturer which is a global leader in CNC technologies and products.

The most amazing aspect of Okuma Classic is its ability to snag big catches. Fish of 10-lbs to 20 lbs are easily handled and routine for it. But you can expect it to get you monster catches for 70 lbs to 100 lbs.

The excellent price point at which it is available makes it a common and popular choice. It can be used in pretty much any fishing condition in almost all water bodies. You will never regret having it among your fishing gear. 

Okuma Classic CLX Conventional Reel

Okuma Classic CLX Reel Review
  • Adjustable Star Drag
  • Lightweight Conventional Reel
  • Max Drag of 13 lb
  • Gear Ratio of 3.8:1

Quantitative Score

Performance – 3/5 ⭐⭐⭐

Durability – 3/5 ⭐⭐⭐

Value for Money – 4/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Overall – 3/5 ⭐⭐⭐

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Product Description

Type: Drag reels

Hand: Right Hand

Handle: Stainless Steel

Weight: 0.5 Pounds

Spools: Corrosions Resistant Graphite

Reel Foot: Stainless Steel

Handle: Aluminum Power Handle


Okuma Classic CLX Reel Review finds that these reels are more than a match for big and hardy fish. Many users have claimed in their reviews that they have caught monster flatheads and channel catfish with these reels. I have caught dozens of monster channel catfish, flatheads, and also Lake Sturgeon.

The drag is good and the gear is great overall. The only issue is with the handle but we should not forget the affordable pricing of this amazing product.

For the best result, you should pair this reel with Lippin’ Lips casting rods of medium to heavy range. You can also pair it with Sabiki rods. It fits fine with this rod as the casting is always on point. You can also pair these reels with Whisker Seekers medium/heavy rods or Ugly Stik catfish rods. You can try these reels with whatever other rods you may have.

Okuma Classic CLX Trolling Reel

Best for trolling

Okuma Classic CLX Reels are the best for trolling, especially for catfish. You should use them with dragging baits or just planer boards. The drag can be easily adjusted and it holds plenty of lines.

If you don’t want to use it for far-casting, you can just let it go over the side of your boat and uncoil as much line as you need. You will be able to catch many fish in the range of 20 lbs, especially bluefish.

Value for money

These are wonderful reels for the price they come for. You may use it with virtually any rod and for any fish. This kind of versatility in a low-end reel is unexpected.

It does a good job though casting doesn’t seem to be enough smooth. You will find it particularly more useful when you are fishing off the bank or the boat in obstacle-free (read, trees, weeds) waters.

Available in 3 spool sizes

Okuma Classic CLX Reels are available in 3 variations for spooling line sizes. These are CLX-200La (5kg Drag), CLX-300La (6kg Drag), and ClX-450La (6kg Drag). The simplicity of the design makes these reels durable.

You may be a little bit disappointed by the max drag performance of CLX-450La as you would expect it to be 7-8 kg in a natural progression with other products in this series. But overall, this is a great product at the price point it is available.

Many anglers use it for trophy catfish and they are rarely disappointed.

Good Performance in River Fishing

You can fish with this reel in river waters as well. In White River in Indiana, for example, there are huge blues and flats. These reels work perfectly even in difficult river conditions. Because of its superior performance and price, these reels are fast replacing other reels in its category.

Okuma Classic CLX Conventional Reel

Fish you can catch

This reel is capable of handling catfish weighing 100 lbs and more. Users have claimed they have snagged spoonbill fish weighing 80 lbs with this reel. 


You may have bought many reels in your life but the quality and the pricing of the Okuma Classic reel will leave you off your feet. For $50, it offers the quality of a $100 reel. These are highly affordable reels for fishing big-sized catfish.


This product does not come with a left-hand orientation. The casting seems to have some problems as the knob meant to create spool tension does not seem to offer adequate drag to prevent and stop the backlash.

But this is when you are trying to launch huge leads to long distances, for example, trying a 5-ounce lead to 100 yards. For exploits smaller than this, this reel is the best bet. They don’t seem to be made for far casting.

The handle of the reels seem to be smaller and this creates a problem when your hands get wet with a fish on. Then, it’s hard to operate the reel.


  • Corrosion-resistant, lightweight sideplates
  • Spool made of corrosion-resistant graphite
  • Reel foot made with stainless steel for strength
  • Dependable multi-disc drag system
  • Durable and high-performance bushings
  • Gearing system made with brass and stainless steel
  • Power handle with T-style knob
  • Gear with self-lubrication system
  • Stainless steel line guide system with levelwind feature


  • No left-handed reel available
  • Casting suffers from backlash issues
  • Does not seem to be made for fat casting
  • Small handle makes it difficult to handle the fish when hands are wet

Video Review

FishingSupplies have made this video review of the Okuma Classic CLX showcasing the features and functions:

Okuma Classic CLX Conventional Reel

Okuma Classic CLX Reel Review
  • Adjustable Star Drag
  • Lightweight Conventional Reel
  • Max Drag of 13 lb
  • Gear Ratio of 3.8:1

Final Thoughts

If you keep changing the water bodies and if you are not keen on anyone or two types of fish, you can try Okuma Classic CLX. These reels are affordably priced and can be used in any kind of fishing.

In this Okuma Classic CLX Review, we have found that the manufacturer has leveraged its expertise in engineering and CNC to keep the costs low. It is by no means a substandard product.

As an angler, you may have many other reels in your kit. You will always be an advantage when you have this reel in your kit. And, you don’t need to break the bank for it.

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