Shimano Saragosa Saltwater Spinning Reel Review

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The Shimano Saragosa is a high performance and durable saltwater reel and I have written this review to give you some insights into whether this reel is suitable for your requirements.

The Shimano Saragosa is a specially designed saltwater specialist for nearshore, inshore, and offshore pelagics, such as yellowtail and tuna.

At 1/2 the price of a Shimano Twin Power and 1/4 of the price of a Shimano Stella, the Saragosa is an affordable option.

Bestseller No. 1

The Body

The Saragosa is made from a hybrid aluminium and XT7 graphite body. It actually contains a lot of the high quality materials and parts as the much more expensive Stella. 

A lot of Saragosa owners say that they cannot find a reason why they would spend more money on a Stella when the Saragosa shares many features and really has no weaknesses.

It is very stiff with no flex under load and can handle the power of a big fish. It will not bend with a large fish on the other end and will allow smooth retrieve throughout the fight.

The spool lip is made from titanium and allows for a frictionless release of line for better and further casting.

There is no anti-reverse switch like most large saltwater reels.

Shimano also boast the X-Protect and X-Shield which is just a term to describe the sealing materials, coating, and design which give it the waterproof feature. You can cover this reel in water, dunk it in saltwater, and the internals and bearings will be protected.

In terms of size, the Saragosa is much larger than some comparisions like the Penn Battle or Penn Slammer 3 reels.

Shimano Saragosa spinning reel that we tested on a fishing charter in the deep sea

Hagane Gears

You will see all over the Shimano marketing the benefits of the Hagane gearing system – but what does this actually mean?

The Hagane gears are a Shimano proprietary design with the goal of ‘eternally smooth reeling.’

This is done through precision engineered cold-forged gears with strong teeth and seemless engagement. 

The benefits of this level of internal gearing design is hard to describe in written text – you really need to take this reel out for a go to see how smooth its retrieve is under load.

But if you want more information the Shimano website makes a good attempt at explaining its system without giving away too many secrets.

The Saragosa also comes with X-Ship which stands for Extra Smooth High Performance.

By using a double bearing supported pinion gear configuration and increasing the size of the gear, Shimano engineers have achieved much smoother operation.

The Drag

The drag is easily adjustable with a large knob on the top and has from 22 to 44 lbs of maximum drag depending on the sized reel – more specifications are shown below.

Retrieve Rate

In terms of retrieve distance you will get between 38 to 45 inches of line per turn depending on the reel size.

This is important when you are chasing big fish that pull out hundreds of yards of line that you need to retrieve in a hurry – particularly if they turn and head back towards you.

Pros and Cons


  • Featuring a hybrid aluminium and XT7 graphite body for durability
  • High cranking power with less effort and a smoother feel
  • X-Shield and X-Protect keeps salt water out of key areas
  • 10 year manufacturers warranty


  • The smallest model is over 20 oz in weight so it is a heavy reel but it is designed for big fish

Shimano Saragosa Specifications

For those of us who love the numbers, have a read throughout some of the key specifications. The Saragosa 10000 SW is the most popular reel size amongst anglers.

ModelBearingsMax DragGear RatioWeight
SRG5000SW5+110 kg5.7:1567 g
SRG6000SW5+110 kg5.7:1595 g
SRG8000SW5+112 kg5.6:1680 g
SRG10000SW5+115 kg 4.9:1680 g
SRG20000SW5+120 kg4.4:1822 g
SRG25000SW5+120 kg4.4:1850 g

Video Review

For those who prefer watching videos, have a look at this very information review by Ish with Fish. I love Ish’s knowledge and insight into this particular reel. He views the Saragosa as one of his favorite reels and a legend for saltwater angling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size reel should I pick?

It depends on the size of the fish that you are chasing. The most popular size is the Saragosa 10000 SW which is extremely versatile and will allow you to catch both small and large fish.
Another thing to consider is how much line you will need – the larger reels hold more line especially as the line diameter increases.

Is the Saragosa waterproof?

Yes, the Saragosa is designed to be completely waterproof using a combination of Shimano proprietary X-Protect and X-Shield which refers to their sealing, materials, and coatings to protect the reel gears and internals from water.

How much line capacity does the Saragosa have?

The Saragosa 10000 SW can hold 220 yards of 20 lb mono or 360 yards of 50 lb braid. See the Shimano Saragosa specifications for more details.

Bestseller No. 1


The Shimano Saragosa is a brilliant saltwater spinning reel that won’t let you down. It shares many of the features of the more expensive Stella options but really has no weaknesses. I certainly recommend having a look at this option if you intend to go saltwater fishing for pelagic species.

If you have experience with the Saragosa then please leave a comment below so we can share your knowledge and wisdom with all other potential buyers. I love to interact with our readers.

Happy fishing.

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