What are Fishing Waders Made From?

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Fishing Waders can be made from Neoprene, Nylon, Rubber, or Gore-tex. Each of these comes with their own insulation properties and cost.

Without a doubt, the most important thing you’ll want to pay attention to when it comes to selecting your fishing waders is the type of material that they’re made out of. If you’re fishing in exceptionally cold water, you’ll want to have as much insulation as possible to stay comfortable. However, if you’re fishing in a relatively warm climate, you’ll still want ample protection to keep you dry without overheating. 

The following types of materials each have their own specific advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to consider where and when you’ll be fishing to make the best assessment as to which type of wader material you’ll need. 

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Neoprene is by far the most popular material modern fishing waders make in today’s market. This material is a unique blend that has qualities which are similar to rubber, but is much more lightweight and durable. Most modern diving wetsuits are made of neoprene as it is nearly unmatched in insulation. 

When it comes to salmon fishing in the frigid waters of Alaska or northern Canada, you’ll almost certainly want to have a set of Neoprene waders to keep you warm. You can order most neoprene waders in varying thickness, but if you’re unable to specify which thickness you’re looking for, be sure to make sure of the exact dimensions as you want to have the gear that’s right for the type of fishing you’re doing. 

The only downside to neoprene waders is their inability to breathe and let air reach your body. Suppose you’re fishing in a warm climate. In that case, you might quickly become quite uncomfortable in a pair of thick neoprene waders as you will likely begin to sweat and the non-breathable material will act more like a sauna than anything else. 

Neoprene waders can also be a bit heavier than most other types of material. If you’re planning to fish in mostly cold environments, look no further than a good set of neoprene waders as they will certainly keep you warm and dry. 


There are many different fishing waders currently on the market that are made of nylon. Most anglers know that nylon is a decent material and will do quite well in most environments that aren’t too warm. It’s a very tough material and lightweight material, making it easier for most anglers to move around more while they fish. 

Most nylon fishing waders might have an interior coating made of PVC material, designed to help keep water from seeping in. If you’re interested in purchasing a pair of nylon material fishing waders, be sure that they are fitted with this material as waders that aren’t equipped with it will not be conducive to fishing for long hours on the river. 


Most of the more affordable options when it comes to fishing waders will usually be made of some rubber material. Until a few decades ago, rubber was the main material brands used to make waders. 

Going for a pair of rubber waders is fine if you’re searching for a more budget-friendly option, but be aware that you won’t be very comfortable in a pair made out of rubber. As most anglers who have worn these types of waders already know, it’s easy to get overly hot and sweaty in rubber waders because they will work to lock in moisture just as much as they’re capable of keeping water from getting inside. 


Another option that’s ideal for bargain-hunters is canvas fishing waders. These are a great choice if you’re fishing in an especially rugged area that has lots of rocks and other obstacles that might tear a hole in other materials. 

Canvas fishing waders are a suitable choice for some, but you might find yourself uncomfortable as they are more likely to trap heat and be somewhat heavy. 

Breathable Materials 

Thanks to recent innovation, anglers can now enjoy wearing fishing waders made of material that’s equally as tough and protective as nylon, but allow air to flow through the material. This works wonders for anglers who fish in hot or even mildly warm climates as wearing non-breathable material can become extremely uncomfortable quickly. 

Gore-tex vs N2No vs Orvis

There are various brand-name materials on the market today that function as breathable material. Some of the most popular ones are Gore-Tex, H2No and some others that are often featured in some of the most popular and highly-rated waders. 

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