What are Treble Hooks?

Treble Hooks

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Fishing hooks are among the critical parts of your angling setup. They are available in various styles and sizes tailored for your fishing mission in different capacities.

With such a variety, choosing a few hooks based on techniques and sizes will depend on your fishing needs. The adage fish hooks were designed from either sharp shells or bone material and served their purpose.

Evolution led to the discovery of metals which paved the way for the modernization of fishing hooks.

Parts of a Treble Hook

The basis for every beginner should be to know the parts of your treble hook. By knowing the details, you will be able to understand their usage and specialty. Below are the different parts:

  • Barb: It holds the hook firmly and has a design of a backward-facing spike.
  • Bend: The part in which the hook has curved inwards.
  • Point: The sharp end of the hook that gets trapped in the mouth of fish.
  • Throat: The part of the treble hook from the point downwards.
  • Shank: A part of the throat on the blunt end side.
  • Gape/Gap: The distance from the throat to the shank.
  • Eye: This is the ring that fastens the hook to a line
Fishing Hook Anatomy

Every part of the hook is customized to serve a specific function. However, the point and the eye are the parts with unique variations. Getting an elongated and narrow shank is very beneficial for your small catch. They are also useful when using them with small baits such as worms.

Wide gaps are helpful to use with big appeals for a massive catch.

The point of your treble hook will determine how smoothly your fish is released. We always prefer chemically sharpened hooks.

Types of Points

Spear Points

These are the most widely used, efficient, and easy to sharpen compared to other points. They are designed to run up from the throat, giving you a decent penetration and little damage on your catch.

Needle Points

They are uniquely designed to penetrate easily with minimal damage and firmly hold the fish. They taper in slightly towards the shank.

Hollow Point

The spikes of such hooks are bent and curve downwards to the barb. The only setback when using these hooks on more challenging species is the difficulty of setting the hook. Notably, they pierce through and firmly held soft-mouthed fish.

Knife Edge Points

These are the best points to use. Designed with sharpened edges and angling away from the shank for maximum penetration on the fish. The only setback is the massive damage on the catch.

Rolled in Points

These points correctly prevent fish from diving back into the water when kept on the bought. They provide a smooth sensation when fishing since, as a result of the upward-facing angle to the hook’s eye. This is essential to keep fishing pressure and force minimal.

Types of Eye

Your catch rate is directly related to choosing the perfect eye. The eyes have different designs for specific knots and tying styles. There are also eyes tailored to tackle fishing pressure and force. These eyes include

Brazed Eye

They are sealed shut with melted metal which is essential to prevent breaking or bending when fishing. Most efficient for large species of fish.

Needle Eye

They are the most ideal for bait fishing since you can thread through your hook.

Ringed Eye

They are the most preferred since they work with an array of knots.

The barb is another vital in determining the purpose of fishing. Barbed hooks are fantastic for consumption fishing, while barbless clips are suitable for catch-and-release fishing.

When looking at the sizes and aughts of the fishing hooks, you need to get one that best suits your needs. Always at the standard table which on the left are the size while on the right are the aughts. The size of the hooks is differentiated, with the smallest as size 30 while the biggest is size 1.

Once you are on size 1, you automatically switch to aughts with the smallest being read as 1/0 and the largest being 27/0 used for catching massive sea creatures.

27/0 Circle Hook
27/0 Circle Hook

Different Styles

Standard Shank

A longer standard shank enables you to hook up the fish firmly, especially when fishing in open water. They also work efficiently with longer-designed lures.

The Round Bend

Just like their name, they are designed to bend evenly around the shaft. Their design is ideal for hooking more fish.

Heavy Wire

Heavier gauge hooks are ideal for big baits due to their strength in hooking fish. They are the best choice for use with low stretched braid.

The Short Shank

The reduced length between the eye and the bend is vital to keep the treble firmly held on the lure and prevents the hooks from crossing each other.

The Extra-Wide Gap

The extra-wide gap design offers additional holding power to keep large and tough fish hooked. They are designed to have a broad point to cover a large surface area when fishing.

Types of Treble Hooks

Decoy Quad Hooks

They are not usually considered treble hooks but have the same features as a treble hook. They are ideal for adding on big, bodied swimbaits for easy retrieval. Depending on the size, they cost around $12 for a pack of 4 or 6.

Quad Hook

VMC Dressed Sure Set Trebles

They are designed with one extended gap gook for additional hooking power. They cost around $5 for a pair.

Dressed Treble Hook

Bas Star Spin Tech Rotating Treble Hook

They are uniquely designed to spin freely on a shaft to prevent fish from unhooking. This is ideal since as the fish tries to move, the hooks align themselves to the fish’s movements hence maximum hooking. They cost around $8 for a pack of 4.

Rotating Treble Hook

Daiichi Bleeding Bait

The brain behind the design of these hooks is based on the concept that fish are attracted to attack wounded prey. Anglers also apply red on the bait to attract predatory fish species. Depending on the size, they cost around $4 for a pack of 3 to 5.

Daiichi Bleeding Treble Hook


Do your due diligence to determine the best treble hook for your fishing mission. Hopefully, the tips mentioned above are ideal for treble hook shopping.

If you want some more information, please read through this other guide.

Happy fishing!