Best Color Whopper Plopper Lures [Ranked]

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I’ve spent countless hours experimenting with different lures, finding the optimal combination for catching the big one. But when it comes to whopper ploppers, an exciting topwater lure by River2Sea, color can play a crucial role in determining your success.

So, which is the best color whopper plopper?

In my experience, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Instead, the best color often depends on your specific fishing conditions and the behavior of the bass on any given day.

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Whopper Plopper Color Chart

Whopper ploppers come in various vibrant colors, all designed to attract the attention of bass lurking in the water. I’ve found that certain colors perform better under specific conditions, and it’s the angler’s task to choose the right one.

Below, I’ve outlined some of the most popular whopper plopper colors and when I’ve found them most useful.

Whopper PlopperColorBest Conditions for Use
LoonBlackPerfect for overcast days and murky water
Monkey ButtRed and WhiteIdeal in clear water, particularly at dawn or dusk
Phantom ShadSilver and BlackGreat for mimicking baitfish in clear to mildly stained water
BluegillBluegillA super choice for areas with plenty of live bluegills
BoneOff WhiteBest used in clear water, under bright sunlight
I Know ItGreen and OrangeWorks well in murky water and overcast conditions
PerchYellow and GreenPerfect in water bodies where perch are prevalent
T1000Silver and Black with Red EyesGreat for clear water, especially when bass are feeding on shad
PowderWhiteIdeal for clear water, sunny conditions
whopper plopper lure colors

The Loon

I often refer to my Loon whopper plopper as my “secret weapon.” It’s a pure black lure that has saved many of my fishing trips from disappointment. This standout performer has been a reliable choice in my tackle box for years and has never disappointed me.

When the water conditions are less than ideal—murky, cloudy, or riddled with debris—the Loon can make all the difference. The high contrast of the black lure against the water has a fascinating effect on bass, making them more aggressive, leading to more strikes.

And on those gloomy overcast days, the Loon’s high visibility makes it a standout performer. It’s a testament to the power of contrast and why black is always a super addition to your fishing arsenal.

Monkey Butt

“Monkey Butt” may elicit a chuckle or two when you hear it for the first time, but when it comes to bass fishing, this red and white whopper plopper means serious business. This lure has played a leading role in many of my successful fishing adventures. It’s an excellent performer in clear water, whose red coloration comes into its own, standing out beautifully.

At dawn or dusk, when the water takes on an ethereal quality, the Monkey Butt becomes an irresistible attraction for bass, encouraging them to strike. I’ve always found it a reliable lure to reach for when the day begins or draws to a close.

The Phantom Shad

The Phantom Shad is another potent weapon in my arsenal of whopper ploppers. This silver and black lure has proven its versatility time and time again. The color combination is eerily reminiscent of many baitfish, making it a natural lure for hungry bass on the hunt.

Whether casting my line in clear waters or mildly stained, the Phantom Shad has consistently delivered impressive results. Its ability to mimic a baitfish’s appearance so well is a testament to River2Sea’s attention to detail, and it’s one of the reasons why this lure is my go-to choice when bass are feeding on small fish.


The natural-looking Bluegill whopper plopper is a real game-changer when fishing in bluegill-rich waters. This lure has a lifelike coloration that can fool even the most cautious bass into thinking it’s about to snag a tasty bluegill meal.

I’ve had some of my most exciting fishing moments with the Bluegill whopper plopper, watching bass burst out from hiding to go after what they believe to be an easy prey. It’s a lure that perfectly showcases the impact of using natural, environment-specific colors to your advantage when fishing.


Sunny days call for a special lure, and the Bone whopper plopper fits the bill perfectly. This off-white lure is my top choice when the sun is shining brightly. Its color does an excellent job of reflecting sunlight, a feature that makes it incredibly effective in clear water where light penetration is high.

It’s almost like a little beacon floating on the water, sending out a signal to any nearby bass. The Bone color whopper plopper transforms a sunny day from a challenge into an opportunity.

I Know It

When the skies are overcast and the visibility in the water is reduced, I find myself reaching for the “I Know It” whopper plopper. The blend of green and orange in this lure creates a high level of visibility, making it a standout performer in darker conditions.

It’s like a beacon on a foggy day, guiding those otherwise elusive bass to your line. I’ve had many a successful fishing session in challenging weather, thanks to the Overcast Hero.

the Perch

Where perch are the main prey for bass, the Perch-colored whopper plopper is the perfect tool to have in your tackle box. It’s designed to mimic a perch’s color scheme excellently, making it a deadly lure for any nearby bass.

The blend of yellow and green gives it an authentic look that can fool even the most discerning bass, luring them into striking. It’s a classic example of using the natural diet of the bass to your advantage.


Shad are a common food source for bass in many bodies of water. Whenever I’ve noticed bass feeding on shad, I’ve immediately reached for my T1000 whopper plopper.

This lure’s silver, black, and striking red eyes perfectly mimic a real shad, making it a target bass can’t resist. The T1000 has turned many seemingly average fishing days into extraordinary ones, with bass after bass falling for its deceptive appearance.


Lastly, the Powder color whopper plopper has proven that sometimes simplicity is key. This white lure is a star performer in clear water, especially under sunny conditions.

When sunlight hits the water, the Powder creates an alluring flash that can attract bass from a distance. It’s a lure that speaks to the value of visibility and how a simple color like white can turn a sunny, clear-water day into a bass fishing bonanza.


From the dark, contrasting Loon to the bright, sunlight-reflecting Bone, the range of colors available for whopper ploppers is designed to give anglers the edge in any fishing scenario. So, experiment with different colors in various conditions to find what works best for you.

While there might not be one “best” color whopper plopper that fits all, I can assure you that there’s a color for every situation, and part of the thrill is discovering which one that is!

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