Best Buzzbait Color for Bass [Ranked]

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Written By Russ Egan

Russ is a professional fisherman with over 20 years of experience. He has fished all over the world for more than two decades, primarily for saltwater game fish but also for local trophy fish. Russ comprehensively tests and reviews all his fishing gear to help others achieve their own fishing goals. There is nothing he prefers than heading down to his local tackle store, buying the latest fishing reel, and taking it to the water to test.


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Have you ever wondered what the best buzzbait color is? It’s a question that’s kept me awake many nights, staring at my tackle box filled with different hues, wondering which one the bass in the lake would prefer.

I’ve spent countless hours, across numerous fishing trips, experimenting with every buzzbait color under the sun. Today, I’ll break down my favorite colors for buzzbaits and share why each has made it to my top list.

Strike King Buzzbait
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  • Premium materials
Buzzbait ColorWhen to Use
BlackBest for low light conditions such as early morning, late evening, or nighttime fishing. Also effective in murky or heavily shaded water.
WhiteAn all-round color that can be used in various light levels and water conditions. It works particularly well when the sun is shining.
ChartreuseIdeal for murky or stained water. Its bright hue makes it visible even in less clear conditions.
FiretigerUseful in challenging conditions where other colors fail. Its natural baitfish colors make it effective in both clear and murky water.
BluegillBest when you are trying to mimic a bass’s natural prey. It works well in most water conditions, particularly in clear to slightly stained water.
Silver or ChromePerfect for sunny, clear days when their reflective quality can create an irresistible flash.
RedHighly effective during the spawning season when bass are aggressive. It can also be used in low light conditions to mimic injured prey.
Green PumpkinIdeal for clear water when the fish are cautious or under pressure. Its subtle, earthy tones make it an excellent choice for wary bass.
GoldWorks well on overcast days or in stained water. Its warm, enticing flash can trigger exciting strikes.
Sexy ShadVersatile color that performs well in clear water and a range of other conditions. It imitates the colors of shad, a common prey for bass.
white buzzbait color


In my years of bass fishing, the black buzzbait has become a trusted ally. Something about its prominent silhouette cutting through murky water makes bass unable to resist. This simple color can mimic an appealing shadowy prey, sparking the predator instincts within the bass. The dark water won’t dilute the bait’s presence in either low light or nighttime conditions. The stark contrast that a black buzzbait creates against the water is, in my opinion, one of its major selling points.

I’ve tried several brands, and buzzbaits like the Strike King and the Booyah Buzz, when cast in black, have repeatedly proved their worth. With these lures in my tackle box, I’ve enjoyed some pretty spectacular moments on the water, reeling in bass after bass, proving that sometimes, simplicity is key.


If black is the night-time champion, then white surely rules the daylight. A white buzzbait brings an irresistible shimmer that bass can’t overlook, especially when the sun shines brightly. This color is the most versatile in my arsenal, performing effectively under various light levels and water conditions.

My experience with white Strike King buzzbaits, particularly when paired with a white plastic trailer for added effect, has been nothing short of amazing. The combination often results in a thrilling chase and a fulfilling catch. Such success stories have made white buzzbait indispensable to my bass fishing gear.


When murky or stained water becomes a challenge, a chartreuse buzzbait is my lifeline. This loud, bold color can pierce through the murkiness, grabbing the attention of any bass lurking in the depths. It’s like ringing a dinner bell that calls the fish right to my bait.

There are days when the water is so clouded that other colors struggle to get noticed. On such occasions, a chartreuse buzzbait has never let me down. It’s the best color buzzbait to make your presence known when the waters are anything but clear.


The firetiger buzzbait is a game-changer. It brings a unique blend of green, orange, and black stripes, mirroring the natural colors of many baitfish. This exceptional imitation makes it incredibly difficult for bass to resist.

In water conditions that prove too challenging for other colors, a firetiger buzzbait excels. When fishing gets tough, and conventional colors and tactics aren’t doing the trick, I pull this secret weapon from my tackle box.


The bluegill-colored buzzbait is my top choice to mimic a bass’s natural prey. It perfectly mirrors the hues of live bluegills frolicking on the surface, which bass often find irresistible. Unsurprisingly, even Major League Fishing professionals vouch for this color.

My personal experiences align perfectly with their recommendations, solidifying my trust in the bluegill-colored buzzbait.

Silver or Chrome

When creating a spectacular light show under the water, nothing can match the flash and allure of a silver or chrome buzzbait. The reflective quality of these colors is unrivaled, and under the sparkling sun, they work wonders. They seem to beckon bass from deep waters with their dazzling shimmer.

Silver and chrome buzzbaits are my steadfast companions on clear, sunny days.


While red might not be the most conventional choice for buzzbaits, it’s one color that has surprised me repeatedly. Particularly during the spawning season, when bass are in their most aggressive and reactive phase, a red buzzbait can be a potent tool.

It effectively mimics an injured prey, triggering a predatory response from the bass that often results in a thrilling catch.

Green Pumpkin

As for natural-looking lures, I don’t think any color can compete with the green pumpkin buzzbait. It brings a beautifully understated appeal that works magic in clear waters. When the fish feel a bit cautious or under pressure, the subtle, earthy tones of a green pumpkin buzzbait can outperform louder, flashier colors.

This makes it my top pick when I’m trying to fool particularly wary bass.


Gold buzzbaits hold a special place in my tackle box, and my heart. They exhibit an alluring flash, similar to silver or chrome, but with a warmer, more inviting hue. On overcast days or when the water has a bit of color, a gold buzzbait stands out.

Its distinctive glow under such conditions often triggers exciting strikes that make my fishing trips worthwhile.

Sexy Shad

Wrapping up my list is the sexy shad. With its intriguing blend of blues and silvers, this color scheme mimics the colors of shad, a beloved prey for bass. This color combination performs exceptionally well in clear water, but I’ve also witnessed its effectiveness in various other conditions.

The versatility of the sexy shad has contributed to numerous successful catches over the years, making it an enduring favorite in my collection.


Choosing the right color buzzbait is a bit of an art. It’s about understanding the water conditions, how fish react to different colors, and how the sun shines on any given day. But when you get it right, the satisfaction of seeing that bass strike is well worth it.

My journey to discover the best color buzzbait has been filled with trial and error, but it has made me a better angler and given me experiences that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

So, the next time you’re in your local tackle shop, try these colors. You might find your new favorite buzzbait color.

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