How to Cast a Spincast Reel Further

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To cast a spincast reel further, use a longer, flexible rod and choose lighter line with a smaller diameter. Opt for an aerodynamic lure or weight, and maintain clean, well-lubricated reel internals. Finally, master a smooth, fluid casting motion with proper weight transfer and follow-through.

Spincast reels are popular with amateur fishermen or those trying to pass on the art to their children because they are easy to use. The simple mechanism makes it super easy to cast without worrying about backlash or the line tangling. However, simplicity comes with its tradeoffs. Spincast reels are much weaker and cover shorter distances than more powerful ones.

One way to get around the deficiencies of the spincast reel is to adjust your gear so you can cast further. Adding a heavier line weight or lure will make you cast further. Changing your technique, for example by using a pendulum technique or carefully coordinating when you hit the push button, will also help.

Fishermen are always trying to figure out how to cast further, even when using more powerful reels such as baitcasters. Here are a few tips for helping you cast a spincast reel further.

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Why Spincast Reels Are Easy to Use

Before you learn how to cast spincast reels further, let’s talk about why they’re so easy to use. This set-up also explains why spincast reels have a shorter casting distance.

Spincast reels are different from baitcaster or other reels because the central spool does not turn. Instead, the process goes like this:

  1. A fisherman releases the take-up pins, which hold the line in place.
  2. The fisherman casts the line.
  3. The weight of the lure drags the line out of a hole in front of the spool, turning it and releasing the line.
  4. The lure hits the water. It is no longer traveling so gravity is no longer pulling on the fishing line.

This mechanism is easy to use because there is no backlash. However, it means that your line won’t travel as far. There are a few ways to get around it if you know how. 

Changing Your Set-Up

You can change parts of your fishing gear to get more distance. Different equipment will help you cast your line further.

How Lure Weights Impact Casting Distance

Switching out your lure weight is one way to adjust your casting distance. The heavier the lure, the further you will be able to cast.

As mentioned above, a spincast reel turns when the weight of the lure drags the line out of the reel. By increasing the weight of the lure, you are increasing the tug and drag on the line. Then, the reel has to release more line and you will get more distance with your cast.

How Fishing Line Impacts Casting Distance

The lure is not the only part of your set-up that can affect your casting distance. Your fishing line can also impact how far you can cast.

There are three main types of fishing line:

  • Braid
  • Fluorocarbon
  • Monofilament

They are made of different materials and have different weights and diameters. As such, they will achieve different results when you use them to cast out. For example, braid can go a lot further because it doesn’t cause as much friction as other types of line. 

The weight of the line will also affect your casting. While heavier lures cast further, heavier line will actually decrease the distance of your cast. 

To increase the distance of your cast, use a line with less friction, such as braid, and as light a weight as possible.

Improving Your Casting Distance With Technique

You can also get more out of your cast if you adjust your technique on your spincast reel.

How to Use the Pendulum Technique to Cast Further

The pendulum cast is a technique experienced anglers use to get the most distance out of their rod. You can practice it with your spincast reel as well.

For a pendulum cast, you start with your rod positioned vertically. Then, push it backwards to start the arc before rotating your body and launching the rod down and around. This creates a pendulum in the air. The line casts out further because you are using the force of your body rotating to move it.

When to Release the Push Button to Cast Further

Spincast reels operate with a button or lever that allows the line to turn when casting or reeling in. Timing the release of this button precisely during your cast can give you more distance.

Press the button before you start casting, not when the rod is already in motion. That releases the line earlier and gives you more distance to work with.

Final Thoughts

Spincast reels have a great advantage in terms of simplicity, but the simplicity of the reel mechanism means you sacrifice a bit in terms of casting distance. You can cast further, even with a spincast reel, by changing the line type, lure weight, or your casting technique.

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