Is 100 Yards of Fishing Line Enough? How Much Line Do You Need?

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When going out on the water, you want to ensure you have enough gear. There’s nothing worse than cutting your day short because you didn’t put enough line on your spinning reel. For many beginner anglers, this is one of the hardest calculations to make because it’s hard to know how much line is enough, how much is too much, and how much ensures you won’t catch any fish.

Determining how much fishing line is enough depends on the water conditions and species of fish you are trying to catch. For most fish, including bass, 100 yards of fishing line is the absolute minimum amount, but you will want to give yourself more leeway in case something happens and you have to cut off part of the line.

Here is your guide to setting up your fishing gear and making sure you have enough on the line.

Is 100 Yards of Fishing Line Enough for Bass?

Bass fishing is certainly an active sport. These fish are known for their strength and athleticism. When a bass bites the bait, the game isn’t over. You have to reel it in, and this fish will swim and swim to escape.

You must be prepared for a tug-of-war to catch bass, which is why you need the right heft of line. The weight arguably matters more than the length. Length does matter because you need enough length that the fish will tire itself out but also not so long that you struggle reeling it in.

Experts recommend going a bit longer than 100 yards to 150 yards for bass. That gives you enough length to lure in the fish, then follow it after it thrashes around. 

When fishing bass, it’s good to assume that the line will take some damage. Since these fish do so much thrashing around, and you may have to reel in a few times, the line might get nicked or tangled. If you have to cut some of the line off, you still want to leave yourself enough length that you can use your set-up later.

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Is 100 Yards of Fishing Line Enough for a 1000-Sized Reel?

Besides the species of fish you are catching, you also have to think about your reel size when you are deciding on the length of your fishing line. As you may already know, 1000-sized reels are the smallest class of spinning reels you can find. They are good for catching smaller fish, including:

  • Trout
  • Panfish
  • Crappie

The 1000-size reels pair with smaller fishing rods, usually maxing out at 6 ½ feet in length. This is one of the smallest fishing set-ups, so 100 yards of fishing line would be enough. However, add a little more line for maximum performance, going up to 125 yards. 

As long as your line diameter isn’t thick enough to compromise performance and you’re not hoping to catch a trophy-size tuna with just 100 yards of fishing line, you should be fine with this length on a 1000-sized reel.

Is 100 Yards of Fishing Line Enough for Braid Line?

Determining if a certain length of line is enough depends a lot on the type of line you are using. Different types of line have different diameters, which will impact reel capacity and how that line will actually look on your set-up. 

For the most part, 100 yards of fishing line is enough for braided line and sometimes more than enough. The reason has to do with diameter. Braided line is thinner than monofilament line, so more of it fits onto your reel. It is durable, so you won’t have to worry as much about having to cut off part of the line due to nicks while you reel it in. 

An exception is if you are using fishing techniques that require much longer lengths of fishing line, such as down-rigging. 

Braid fishing line illustration of internals

How Much Fishing Line Do You Need?

How much fishing line you need depends on your situation. 

To determine how much fishing line you need, you need to ask yourself a few different questions:

  1. What is the reel capacity?
  2. Is there a gap between the spool and the edge of the line?
  3. What type of fishing setup do I have?
  4. What type of fish am I catching?

When you’re putting the line on, ensure there is a 1/8-inch gap between the spool’s edge and your line.

Final Thoughts

For most fishing set-ups, 100 yards of line is perfectly fine. However, if you are trying a type of fishing that requires a long line or you are catching an athletic fish that needs space before you can reel it in, add up to 150 yards.

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