Lowrance Elite 7 Fish Finder Review [2022 Update]

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The Lowrance Elite 7 was first released in 2016 and quickly became a hit among serious anglers who frequently fish in both lakes and rivers, as well as offshore scenarios. The Elite-7 series comes in four different options that allow anglers to choose between some impressive features and capabilities. 

This fish finder is packed with high-caliber features that are sure to pique the interest of anglers of any skill level as the Elite-7 gives you the ability to navigate with ease while also delivering clear imaging capability that allows anglers to see exactly what’s beneath their boat. This device is much more than just a fish finder and you’ll find that it serves as a highly useful tool that serious anglers can rely on to give them a major advantage while fishing in any waterway. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the different versions of the Lowrance Elite-7 while also taking a closer look at some of the more prominent features that set this fish finder apart as one of the top models that the brand has produced in recent years. 

Lowrance Elite 7 Fish Finder Overview 

Currently, Lowrance produces the Elite-7 in a Ti and Ti2 version, which are both wildly popular among anglers that fish in any type of environment. The Lowrance Elite-7 Ti2 has just a few added features, but overall, both products are exceptional tools that anglers can use to gain a much better understanding of what’s beneath the water’s surface in some of their favorite fishing spots. 

This model allows you to view what’s under the water surface down to 1,000 feet with incredible accuracy using CHIRP sonar technology. For an even more crisp and clear picture of your underwater surroundings, you can use the DownScan imaging technology that has capability to penetrate down to 300 feet in most cases. Anglers can also utilize the sidescan sonar capability of the Lowrance Elite-7 Ti to see fish that are slightly to their right or left, letting you cover a much larger swath of water than simply using traditional methods alone. 

Major Differences 
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Users have the choice to order the Lowrance Elite 7 in the legacy model, as well as the Ti and the Ti2 version. Each of these models from the Elite-7 series fish finders and chartplotters has their own set of features and capabilities, but it’s important to note the most significant differences between each version. 

The main difference between the Elite-7 and the Elite-7 Ti version is that the latter offers anglers the ability to use Wifi and pair their fishfinder with other devices using Bluetooth. The Elite-7 Ti2 also gives users the ability to utilize sidescan sonar technology, as well as a more modern touch-screen display. 

For anglers who might be wondering what the major differences are between the Elite-7 Ti and the Elite-7 Ti2 models, the answer is relatively simple. Both models offer the exact same features, but the main difference in the two is that the Elite-7 Ti2 has much greater capability when it comes to the transducer, as well as the Wifi output. 

lowrance elite 7 fish finder with components


The Lowrance Elite-7 models all feature a 7-inch screen, which is larger than the Elite-5’s standard size, but still a bit smaller than some of the premium fishfinder versions that are currently among the most popular of any on the market. The Elite-7 also offers a boost in pixel rate over its predecessor with an 800h x 400v pixel matrix, as well as a 16:9 aspect ratio. 

Lowrance has gone to even greater lengths to ensure that anglers will have no problems seeing the screen and all the intricate details in any lighting situation, whether in daytime or night. The screen is fully waterproof as it is IPX7-rated, meaning it is capable of withstanding full submersion for up to 30 minutes. 

GPS Capability 

The Elite-7 Ti and Ti2 are equipped with highly-accurate GPS systems that are capable of pinpointing your location to within 20 meters. The GPS has excellent signal capability on any lake within the United States and Canada. 

Anglers will also have a much greater boost in the form of waypoints with the Elite-7 compared to the Elite-5. The GPS location system makes it possible to mark and save up to 3,000 waypoints in a customized setting that helps users designate certain characteristics about each individual one. 

Like the Elite-5 anglers can save a number of customized routes on their device, letting them map out some of the best and most productive courses. The Elite-7 allows users to program up to 100 individual routes into the device, letting anglers set multiple waypoints within customized routes. Users will also have the capability to save up to 100 trails, as well as 10,000 points per trial, which serves as a major advantage in tournament settings when time is limited. 

Elite-7 Ti2 Added Bonus Features 

The Lowrance Elite-7 Ti2 has more features and capabilities than any other model in the Elite-7 series. Anglers will enjoy being able to use an upgraded transducer that has some pretty impressive extras. 

The Elite-7 Ti2 offers an enhanced active imaging 2-in-1 capability, which gives users the ability to view what’s below their boat in real-time. This means you’ll be able to scan and view what is essentially a real-time video of the area beneath the transducer. Other features that are also included in the Elite-7 Ti2 version are the SideScan, StructureScan, and DownScan abilities. 

The Elite-7 Ti2’s top transducer model offers users the ability to harness the Lowrance Active Imaging 3-in-1 technology. This is known as TotalScan technology and basically gives anglers the means to see everything around their boat with incredible definition. 

It has been noted that some anglers have experienced problems with the CHIRP transducer, which is another reason why many anglers opt for the slightly more expensive transducer that will allow them to utilize more imaging features.


  • Ability to store 1000 waypoints with built in GPS
  • Extremely high end sonar with CHIRP, downscan, and structurescan
  • Higher resolution display than older models


  • Although the features are significantly improved from the Hook model, I do have trouble justifying the extra price tag.
  • Can be difficult to read when wearing polarized sunglasses

Lowrance Hook 5 vs Elite 5

I always like to compare products to alternate options, in this case with the Elite 5 comparison, also made by Lowrance.

The Elite 5 is a much improved version of the Hook 5. It comes with improved sonar capability such as the structure scan and a higher resolution graphic that can make the information and graphics easier to read. Although the price range is significantly more for the Elite 5.

Then you get the Elite 7, which is a significant upgrade again – and also comes with an even higher price tag.

SpecificationsElite 5Elite 7
Weight1.2 lb 2.2 lb
Screen Size5 inch7 inch
GPS3000 Waypoints3000 Waypoints
Display Resolution800 x 480 800 x 480
Warranty5 Years5 Years
WaterproofIPX7 IPX7
Sonar Integrated CHIRP
Down Scan
Integrated CHIRP
Down Scan
Cartography Enhanced Elite Basemap, 3000 Lake Maps plus Coastal Depth Contours Enhanced Elite Basemap, 3000 Lake Maps plus Coastal Depth Contours

Video Review


The Lowrance Elite 7 series fish finder and chartplotter models are some of the most popular in the fishing industry. These units are small enough that they can be used on any size boat, canoe, kayak or other vessel without much problems. The capability that you’ll have with each model is also enough to adequately fish in any freshwater lake or river, as well as the ocean. If you’re a fan of Lowrance systems and are looking for one with a heap of features and extra data, the Lowrance Elite 7 is likely to be an ideal fit. 

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