bass bait fish held in my hand


What Do Bass Fish Eat?

Bass are ravenous predators and eat almost anything, including shad, minnows, insects, frogs, mice, crawfish, lizards, and flies. Bass are incredibly adept predators of the …

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fishing with a cane pole rod in a lake


Cane Pole Fishing – Bamboo Rod Guide

Before there were highly-complex baitcasting rod and reel combos with magnetic braking systems and double-shielded ball bearings, anglers had to use a method of fishing …

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kastking logo


7 Best KastKing Fishing Reels

KastKing has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the fishing industry over the last decade and anyone who has used their products knows the reason behind …

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an ocean kayak in the water with a man pedalling


What Sized Kayak for Ocean Fishing?

The best-sized kayak for ocean fishing is 12 to 14 feet in length, as this gives more stability for casting, without becoming difficult to maneuver …

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jon boat with man driving


What is a Jon Boat?

A jon boat is an aluminum boat of less than 18 feet with a flat hull primarily used for fishing. Kayak fishing is wildly popular …

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holding up a chatterbait in two hands explaining the parts


What is a Chatterbait Lure?

A chatterbait is a fishing lure combining a skirted jig with a six-headed blade that produces high vibrations that attract aggressive predatory fish species. The …

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