My New Favorite Bass Fishing Rod: KastKing Assegai Review

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Written By Russ Egan

Russ is a professional fisherman with over 20 years of experience. He has fished all over the world for more than two decades, primarily for saltwater game fish but also for local trophy fish. Russ comprehensively tests and reviews all his fishing gear to help others achieve their own fishing goals. There is nothing he prefers than heading down to his local tackle store, buying the latest fishing reel, and taking it to the water to test.


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This week I took my new KastKing Assegai Spin Out Rod down to the lake for some trout fishing to test it out.

The Assegai is KastKing’s latest release with a wide range of models that are specifically designed for different fishing styles and lure selections. They are made from carbon fiber and are extremely lightweight.

I have put together this review to highlight my experiences, but as a comment, this might be my new favorite casting rod.

KastKing Assegai Bass Rod

  • Wide range of powers and actions available
  • Specifically designed for certain lures and types of angling
  • Stunning styling and design
  • Exceptional sensitivity


The Assegai was released at ICAST 2023, and is KastKing’s new showcase rod for bass. It is filled with premium materials, including IM9 carbon fiber, fuji reel seats, K-frame guides, and AAA cork. You cannot find a premium fishing rod that doesn’t contain these high-end features.

Thoughtful design, premium craftmanship, and precision engineering
Kastking kestrel elite bfs spinning reel review

Named after the South African Spear, the Assegai is a genuine weapon for anglers.

One of the helpful features is the naming convention. For beginner anglers, it can be almost impossible to tell the difference between marketing terminology to figure out exactly what equipment you need. KastKing has solved this by giving each rod a name for the lure or style it was designed for.

For example, the ‘Punch Out’ rod is for Punching Baits through thick vegetation and comes with the ideal Extra-Heavy power to suit.

This is a tournament-ready bass fishing rod, and I would expect many anglers to purchase 5 or more Assegai rods, all paired with rods and lures for specific angling conditions.

KastKing Assegai Bass Fishing Rod Review

Field Testing Results

For those of you who prefer to watch videos rather than reading, here is my video review of the KastKing Assegai:

My first comment is about the styling. The Assegai looks amazing in its all white coloring with black reel seat and cork handle. I must admit, I did send photos to my family and friends to show off my latest gear. It will certainly turn heads at the lake with other angers.

I paired it with the KastKing Kestrel Elite BFS Reel and went down to my local freshwater lake to test it. I used a 1/16 Rapala Floating Lure to target brown trout and spooled it with 8 lb braid line.

My key takeaways include the incredible lightweight design, the high sensitivity, and the power throughout the entire length of the rod.

It is difficult to understand how KastKing has continued to produce premium equipment at affordable price tags.

Russ Egan holding a KastKing Kestrel BFS and Assegai rod during field testing

Lightweight Design

The Assegai uses a combination of premium materials and design specifications to deliver a lightweight design. KastKing claims that the blank is 5% lighter and 10% stronger than competing high-end rod blanks.

The combination of Rod and Reel weighed less than 10 ounces, which is lighter than my Shimano Curado reel alone.

This rod was easy to cast and lightweight enough not to produce any soreness even after a full day of casting.

Power and Flex

I used the Spin Out model, which has a fast action and medium power. This means that the tip is stiff but the entire rod will take more of the flex. This is where the high sensitivity comes from, which I will discuss next.

I generally prefer medium-action rods for bass and smaller freshwater fish. I will go for a heavy action for large saltwater species and a light action for panfish. But a medium action is extremely versatile and suitable for almost any kind of fish species and environment.

KastKing Assegai IM9 Kastflex styling


I did notice the high sensitivity of the rod tip, from the fast action. This is great for targeting subtle biting fish. You can feel everything – even the lure action from finesse designs.

You can feel every pebble and rock that your lure hits along the bottom and adjust your retrieve rate.

Sensitivity of fishing rods has improved significantly since I first began fishing using bamboo poles and thick fiberglass. The Assegai continues that progression of more and more sensitivity.

Cork Handle

I am a big fan of cork handles. I think they look great, they have good non-slip features, and they are comfortable. So I was happy to see the Assegai features a AAA cork handle.

I do want to note that I don’t like the location of the hook keeper. It is lower than the reel seat, which means that the lure is stored on the underside of the handle. I personally prefer the hook keeper to be above the reel seat, so the handle area is clear of any hooks. I also don’t want any hooks from the lure to damage the cork handle.

The photo below shows the location of the cork handle and the reel seat.

Russ Egan showing Assegai rod cork handle and hook keeper


The Assegai is filled with the latest technologies and materials that result in exceptional performance.

I have always found it difficult to read through fishing rod specifications to understand whether I would like it or not. But after testing the Assegai personally, I can appreciate the high-end features that KastKing has built into it.


The Assegai is made from Elite Carbon blanks with a series of features that deliver strength, sensitivity, and flex:

  • 40M Modulus
  • 750K Strain Rate
  • Nano Resins
  • High Pressure Rolling Process
  • 45-Degree Slanted Carbon Fibers

This is a premium carbon fiber rod that stands up to the stress and strain of tournament fishing.

KastKing Assegai line guides close up


There is a wide range of power available, from Extra-Heavy to Medium-Light. This helps to give the ability for an Assegai model to suit different fish species and fishing methods.

My personal preference is in the Medium or Medium-Heavy range for casting lures for freshwater species. I would choose a Heavy rod for boat fishing in saltwater environments.


The action specifies how much bend the tip of the rod has. Fast action rods bend more in the tip and are more sensitive. The Assegai is only available in Moderate to Extra Fast.

You will generally only find a slow action rod in extremely light and whippy rods.

My preference for a bass rod is a fast action.

Kastking Assegai reel seat

Models Available

One of the great features of the Assegai is the wide range of models that suit specific fishing styles. If you want to use a jerkbait, then pick ‘The Jerk’. Or if you intend to use a Carolina Rig, choose the ‘Sweet Caroline’ rod model.

Each model has been selected for an exact purpose and given the ideal length, action, and power to suit.

They also come with the name printed on the rod so you can easily tell the difference if you are purchasing multiple Assegai rods.

Spin Out

Built for spinnerbait lures, the fast action has great sensitivity.

  • Type: Casting
  • Length: 7’0″
  • Action: Fast
  • Power: Medium

I’m Cranky

Designed for crankbait lures, the ‘I’m Cranky’ naming also looks great printed on the rod. Ideal as a gift for grumpy anglers.

  • Type: Casting
  • Length: 7’0″
  • Action: Moderate
  • Power: Medium


The Sniper is built for accurate casting. The shorter length does reduce the distance for casting a lure, but improves your control to place the bait in the exact right location. It is more suitable for anglers wanting to place a lure under structure or around weeds.

  • Type: Casting
  • Length: 6’4″
  • Action: Fast
  • Power: Medium

The Jerk

Jerkbait lures are incredibly popular, so choosing this Assegai rod is very versatile in terms of length and action.

  • Type: Casting
  • Length: 6’10”
  • Action: Fast
  • Power: Medium


I am a big fan of using Frog Lures for topwater bass, which is what the Ribbet is suited for.

  • Type: Casting
  • Length: 7’2″
  • Action: Fast
  • Power: Heavy

Gittin’ Jiggy

Suitable for all different types of bass jigs, the Gittin’ Jiggy is long with a fast action.

  • Type: Casting
  • Length: 7’3″
  • Action: Fast
  • Power: Medium

Blade Runner

The Blade Runner is suited for blade based lures, such as spinnerbaits or spoons. These lures are slow moving and require more power from the rod, which is why this has a Medium Power.

  • Type: Casting
  • Length: 7’3″
  • Action: Moderate-Fast
  • Power: Medium

Flippin Out

Build for flipping and pitching, this involves pulling on the line to remove the lure from the water and pendulum it back in. The extra length of the rod helps to place the bait in the best location.

  • Type: Casting
  • Length: 7’5″
  • Action: Fast
  • Power: Heavy

Free Style

The free style rod is a long and versatile rod. It has a fast action that is ideal for bass and comes with a long length for extra distance when casting.

  • Type: Casting
  • Length: 7’6″
  • Action: Fast
  • Power: Medium-Heavy

Sweet Caroline

Carolina Rigs are very popular for bass, and the extra length from this model helps increase casting distance.

  • Type: Casting
  • Length: 7’6″
  • Action: Fast
  • Power: Medium-Heavy

Dig Deep

Built for deep bass in the middle of winter, this is a more powerful rod than some of the others but still has a long length.

  • Type: Casting
  • Length: 7’8″
  • Action: Moderate
  • Power: Medium


Punching for bass is when you are pulling a weedless lure through thick vegetation. The Extra-Heavy power allows you to remove the lure even if it gets covered in weed and gets much heavier.

  • Type: Casting
  • Length: 7’10”
  • Action: Moderate-Fast
  • Power: Extra-Heavy

Core Spinning

A versatile spinning rod, the Core Spinning is one of the 3 designs in this category.

  • Type: Spinning
  • Length: 7’0″
  • Action: Extra-Fast
  • Power: Medium

Finesse Spin

The Finesse Spin is a spinning rod built for light lures, and has the lightest power of the group.

  • Type: Spinning
  • Length: 6’9″
  • Action: Fast
  • Power: Medium-Light

Power Spin

The Power Spin comes with an Extra-Heavy power that is stiff and has less flex than the other options.

  • Type: Spinning
  • Length: 7’4″
  • Action: Extra-Fast
  • Power: Extra-Heavy


  • Fantastic styling – aesthetically it looks great
  • Sensitive tip can feel even the most subtle bite
  • Extremely lightweight without sacrificing power and strength
  • I love cork handles for non-slip features and comfort


  • I personally prefer hook keepers to be above the reel seat so I don’t grab the lure when I pick up the rod by the handle
  • Not available in 2-piece designs, so can be more difficult to store and transport


TechniquesSpin OutI’m CrankySniperThe JerkRibbetGittin’ JiggyBlade RunnerFlippin OutFree StyleSweet CarolineDig DeepPunch OutCore SpinningFinesse SpinPower Spin
ActionFastModerateFastFastFastFastModerate FastFastFastFastModerateModerate FastExtra FastFastExtra Fast
PowerMediumMediumMediumMediumHeavyMediumMediumHeavyMedium HeavyMedium HeavyMediumExtra HeavyMediumMedium LightExtra Heavy
Line Weight (lb)10-208-178-1710-2012-2510-2010-1715-3010-2510-2510-3020-408-144-1010-17
Lure Weight (oz)1/4-3/41/4-3/41/4-3/41/4-3/43/8-1, 1/41/4-3/41/4-3/43/8-21/4-11/4-11/2-21, 1/2-41/4-5/81/16-3/83/8-3/4
Weight (oz)5.645.474.414.766.


I am always shocked at how much premium materials and high-performance specifications KastKing is able to fit into its gear. The Assegai is the ideal combination of performance, durability, and value for money.

As I said above, the Assegai is certainly my new favorite casting rod, and I look forward to using it more and more into the future.

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